William Mattar Spring 2021 Buckle Your Belt Program

The sponsor of the William Mattar Buckle Your Belt Program is William Mattar, P.C. (“Sponsor,” “William Mattar Law Offices” or the “Firm”), 6720 Main Street Suite 100, Williamsville, NY 14221.


    1. Entrants must be a resident of New York State and a minimum age of 18 to enter the giveaway.
    2. If you are an employee or staff member of William Mattar, P.C., you are not eligible to enter. This includes summer, part-time, full-time, and temporary staff members. Family members of employees, including siblings, parents, significant others, children, grandchildren, or grandparents, are also not eligible to enter.
    3. If you are a lawyer or an employee or staff member of any law firm, you are not eligible to enter. This includes summer, part-time, full-time, and temporary staff members. Family members of lawyers or employees of law firms, including siblings, parents, significant others, children, grandchildren, or grandparents, are also not eligible to enter.


    1. No purchase is necessary to enter or win.
    2. Entry period for the William Mattar Buckle Your Belt Program begins on June 7, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. EST and ends on June 30, 2021, at 12:00 p.m. EST. William Mattar, P.C. reserves the right to reject or remove any entrant for any reason. Only one entry per person will be accepted.
    3. Entrant(s) may enter each giveaway, campaign, contest, or program only once. Entrants’ names will remain in the drawing for however long the giveaway lasts for the calendar year in which the entry was made. This time frame is to be declared by William Mattar Law Offices and is subject to change at any time.
    4. Entrant(s) may enter the William Mattar Buckle Your Belt Program online (through williammattar.com) ONLY. Sponsor is not responsible for any technical difficulty entrants face. Such difficulties may include, but are not limited to, busy signals, overload on website, problems, and technical/electronic malfunctions. The Firm is also not responsible for entrant(s) having difficulties sending/receiving emails or phone calls or accessing the Firm’s website or its social media accounts.  Entries submitted are the property of Sponsor and will not be returned. Sponsor will not accept entries through social media, mail, email, fax, telephone, or in person.
    5. By entering this Program, entrant(s) agree to receive future communications from William Mattar Law Offices. Entrant(s) may opt-out of these communications by emailing [email protected].
    6. For entering different giveaways, programs, campaigns, and contests, membership involves the following:
      a)  Membership is free.
      b) Giving your personal information.
      i) Entrants will be required to answer several questions regarding their personal information.
      ii) This information may include (but is not limited to) the following: name, email, phone number, date of birth or age, gender, and address.
          • This information entered MUST be your personal information.
          • The email address provided MUST be the entrant’s email address.
          • Each email address may have ONLY ONE entrant. Two entrants may NOT use the same email address. If an email address is entered more than once, then one or all entries may be considered invalid.
          • Should a member cancel their email address, they will no longer be considered a member. They will no longer be considered ‘eligible’ for winning or receiving giveaway items.

c) All information entered by the entrant(s) becomes property of William Mattar Law Offices. Information provided by entrants will not be returned.

d) Should any information entered by entrant(s) be determined as false or fraudulent, participant will be disqualified and will no longer be considered for any drawings or prizes resulting from contests, programs, or campaigns. Any entrant who is not eligible for entrance will also be disqualified and eliminated from drawings.

e) Any information that is submitted but incomplete will be disqualified.

f) By entering any information, you are agreeing to opt in to receive legal promotional, advertising, and/or marketing emails and/or text messages from William Mattar, P.C.

g) Membership and/or entering does not mean you will receive or win a prize or gift. In fact, only a small percentage of members or entrants may win or receive a prize or gift.

Becoming a member:

  1. Joining a giveaway, campaign, contest, or program as a member will allow participants to receive various types of emails, mailings, and/or promotions. These emails and mailings may be used to allow participants to take part in other various activities, including, but not limited to, surveys, questionnaires, raffles, and drawings.
  2. Information provided by members is required to be truthful and any information that is not will invalidate the membership.
  3. If a member wants to opt out of membership to any program or campaign, they may do so by emailing [email protected] and by typing Opt Out in the email subject line. Please also provide your name and email address in the body of the email.


  1. There is to be only one winner per family. Only one winner per household.
  2. WINNER(S): Winner(s) will be selected by random drawing(s) beginning on or about July 1, 2021. Odds of winning a Prize will depend on the number of eligible entries received during the applicable Entry Period. Winner(s) will be notified either by email and/or by phone beginning on or about July 1, 2021.  Prize may be forfeited if the notification is mailed and returned as undeliverable mail without a forwarding address and/or if Winner is unable to be contacted by telephone. Winner must comply with all Program rules as published.
  3. PRIZE(S): Up to Eighteen (18) prizes will be awarded for a total retail value of $900.00 (Value of Giveaway Total). Prize structure is as follows: up to eighteen (18) winners will be selected at random (using an online random selector) from all eligible entries beginning on or around June 30, 2021. Each prize winner will receive a maximum of one (1) fifty-dollar ($50) gift card to a gas station of the entrant(s) choosing, which may include: Citgo®, Kwik-Fill®, Mobil®, Speedway®, or Sunoco®. Vendor selection must be made at time of entry, and special vendor requests will not be honored. Certain financial services and merchandise may be excluded from purchase with Gift Card(s) including but not limited to: Western Union or other money transfer(s) and money order, banking transactions, utility payments, alcohol, tobacco, and lottery tickets. Unclaimed Prizes will not be awarded. No more than the advertised number of prizes will be awarded. The Sponsor reserves the right to substitute any listed prize for one of equal or lesser value if the Prize should become unavailable. All prizes are non-transferable, and no substitutions will be made. Sponsor is not responsible for Winner’s limitations that prevent the acceptance or full use of Prize. Winner is solely responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes. Winner is solely responsible for reporting the Prize to the Internal Revenue Service. Winner must supply necessary information for issuance of W9 form for income reporting purposes. Sponsor and/or Gift Card Vendor(s) is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced Gift Cards once issued to Winner and will not reissue or replace such cards.
  4. Prize Redemption Requirement: Winner(s) will be required to confirm their email address, phone number, and mailing address in order to receive their prize, unless otherwise indicated by the Sponsor. Winner(s) may not receive their prize if they fail to confirm their email address, phone number, and mailing address with the Sponsor.
  5. Prizes will be sent to winner(s) by U.S. mail and/or by email. The method of prize delivery will be determined by the availability of Gift Card options offered by the Gift Card Vendor and/or as determined by the Sponsor. William Mattar, P.C. is not responsible for the applicable terms and conditions set forth by the Gift Card Vendor(s). Prizes could take up to 4 to 6 weeks to be delivered to the winner(s).
  6. Any additional fees are the responsibility of the winner(s).
  7. Gift Card Vendor(s) may include Citgo®, Kwik-Fill®, Mobil®, Speedway®, or Sunoco®. Gift Card Vendor(s), are not affiliated with William Mattar, P.C. and each of their trademarks belong to each individual vendor and William Mattar, P.C. makes no claim to their trademarks. Winners are responsible to investigate the Gift Card Vendor to determine if such accommodations meet entrant’s needs for the specific purpose recipient is using such service. William Mattar, P.C. is not responsible for the retail options available for purchase by the chosen Gift Card Vendor.
  8. The winner(s) may be required to show valid photo identification at the time of prize redemption. Should entrant fail to show photo identification or documentation, William Mattar, P.C. may not release the prize.
  9. If you enter into one contest, sweepstakes, campaign, program, or giveaway, you ARE NOT automatically entered into all of them. You must enter, with your information, into each contest, sweepstakes, campaign, program, or giveaway you wish to enter. Please note: there may be more than one contest taking place at any given time.
  10. The Firm is not responsible for attempting to contact the winner(s) more than once. William Mattar Law Offices will be required to send an email to the email address provided by entrant(s) from the online registration form. Should a winner not respond within 3 days, then the Firm holds no further obligation to that winner. William Mattar Law Offices may continue to make attempts to contact winner(s)/entrant(s). A different winner may be chosen should the Firm be unable to reach, obtain a response, or get in contact with the original winner(s).
  11. Prizes may have a deadline to be claimed and/or picked up. All prizes must be picked up or retrieved within 3 days of the original or attempted notification. This may be subject to change.
    a) Should winner(s) not claim a prize within the time deadline, the Firm has sole discretion to declare other winner(s).
    b) If the prize is not picked up before the deadline, it becomes the Firm’s property. The Firm reserves the right to pick new winner(s) or dispose of the prize in some other way.
  12. Winner(s) may not be allowed to claim a prize until their eligibility to participate in the Program has been confirmed and the required paperwork has been completed. William Mattar Law Offices may take steps to confirm eligibility but is not responsible for doing so.
  13. The documentation (including but not limited to a liability release) must be completed and signed at the Firm’s office or via electronic signature before being eligible to claim a prize. Winner(s) must also bring a form of photo identification (which shows date of birth) and/or show proof of social security number and any other documents declared by the Firm.
    a) Should winner(s) fail to bring photo identification, documentation, and/or proof of social security number, the Firm will not release the prize to winner.
    b) If winner(s) refuses to sign required documents, then William Mattar Law Offices has sole discretion to declare other winner(s).
  14. William Mattar Law Offices has the right to alter prizes of equal or greater value for contests, campaigns, programs, and giveaways. There is no cash redemption or any exchanges of prizes.
  15. Those who win and claim prizes are held responsible for paying all taxes if applicable (including but not limited to federal, state, county, and local taxes). Taxes will be based on prize value.
    a) The Firm may put an expiration date on any/all prizes. Sponsors may also put an expiration date on prize.
  16. William Mattar Law Offices is not responsible for the reimbursement or replacement of any prize.
  17. The Firm has the sole discretion to change/alter prizes and/or rules and regulations that go along with prizes.
  18. The Sponsor has the right to cancel, suspend, or modify the operation and conduct of the giveaway if any suspicion or belief arises that the giveaway has been subject to tampering, fraud, or other irregularities.
  19. William Mattar Law Offices will make the final decisions. Entrants agree to abide by these terms and conditions by entering. William Mattar Law Offices has no responsibility for losses, injuries, or damages caused by accepting these terms and conditions and entering into programs, contests, memberships, and giveaways. Terms and agreements are subject to change. Should they change, entrants/members still agree to alterations. It is entrant/member’s responsibility to check the terms and agreements on a regular basis to make sure they are aware of any modifications and still agree to follow such rules and regulations. The Firm reserves the right to delete, alter, or add in any terms, conditions, and rules.
  20. William Mattar Law Offices shall not be held responsible or liable should there be a printing, publishing, transmission, communication error, or other technical error as it relates to the contest, campaign, program, or giveaway, including but not limited to the type or number of prizes.
  21. William Mattar Law Offices has the right to cancel or abandon the contest, campaign, program, or giveaway at any time or the right to do anything it chooses within the bounds of the law to either remedy a given error, problem, situation or to discontinue.
  22. William Mattar Law Offices maximum liability for any giveaway, campaign, or contest shall be the lesser of prize(s) value or fifty dollars ($50.00).
  23. Entrant(s) and/or winner(s) shall release, indemnify and defend William Mattar Law Offices and its managers, officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns from any and all losses, damages, liabilities, deficiencies, claims, actions, judgements, settlements, interests, awards, penalties, fines, costs, expenses of whatever kind, including professional and attorney fees arising out of any claim alleging any breach or non-fulfillment of any representation warranty or covenant, negligence, omission, injury, bodily injury, death, reckless or willful misconduct, or failure to comply with any law, rule, regulation or code relating to this sweepstakes.
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