New York State Accident Resources

From filling out injury claim paperwork to finding a local body shop to repair your damaged vehicle, life can be stressful after a car accident. That’s why the car accident attorneys have put together a variety of resources to help protect your health and rights to compensation for your injuries. 

After the Accident Resources

  • Find a hospital
    Your priority after a car accident with injuries should always be your health. If you’ve been hurt in a car, visiting a hospital as soon as possible may prevent your injuries from getting worse. Additionally, the records from your doctor’s appointment or hospital stay can help you get compensation for your injuries. 
  • Find a car-repair shop
    William Mattar law offices has compiled a list of some local car repair shops to ease the burden that comes along with motor vehicle accidents. 
  • Find a motorcycle-repair shop
    If you need motorcycle repairs after an accident in New York State, you can use the William Mattar website to find some of the motorcycle repair shops in your area. 
  • Find a rental car
    After your accident, a car accident injury lawyer at William Mattar can work to help you get a rental car through Enterprise Rent-a-Car while we handle your injury claim. 

Important Forms and Paperwork

  • No-fault claims form
    We urge you not to submit this form until it has been reviewed by a personal injury attorney who is aware of all the facts and circumstances of your matter. 
  • MV-104 claim form accident report
    Drivers involved in car accidents in the state of New York where there has been a fatality, personal injuries, or property damages totaling more than $1,000 must complete an MV-104 form within 10 days. 
  • DB-450 disability-benefits claim form
    If you became sick or disabled while employed, or if you become sick or disabled within four weeks after termination, you should use the DB-450 Notice and Proof of Claim for Disability Benefits form to apply for New York State benefits. Complete this form with your healthcare provider so you can get the benefits you need. 
  • DB-300 notice and proof of claim for disability
    Use the DB-300 form to apply for New York State disability benefits if you became disabled or sick after more than four weeks of unemployment. To apply for these benefits, you and your healthcare provider must complete a DB-300 form, which is also known as a Notice and Proof of Claim for Disability Benefits Form by Unemployed Claimant. Print this form and apply for disability benefits now. 

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