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When Buffalo drivers think of all of the possible types of accidents they can get into, the idea of getting into an accident with a school bus may not be at the top of that list. But there are many school bus accidents in the Buffalo area each year and you need a good accident attorney on your side to make sure you get maximum compensation.

You Have To Think Of Yourself

Some motorists will immediately be concerned with others who could be involved in a school bus accident, and that is a normal reaction. But you have to think of yourself and your health, your ability to work, and your ability to care for your family. A school bus accident could cause a variety of injuries that could keep you out of work for weeks and cost your family a lot of money. Most people cannot afford to go weeks without an income, and that is why you need a good Buffalo school bus accident attorney on your side.

The Conditions Surrounding A School Bus Accident

During the school year, school bus drivers are forced to deal with changing driving conditions. While schools do sometimes close during snow storms, they stay open most other winter weekdays when the roads have the potential to become icy. The rain during the fall and spring can also cause driving problems as driving rains can cause even a bus to hydroplane.

In some districts, school buses are asked to drive in areas that are often almost too small for the buses to fit. A school bus going down a standard sized street with cars parked on both sides can be a tight fit, especially for drivers coming from the other way. If either the bus driver or oncoming traffic are not paying attention, the results could be disastrous.

If there is construction being done on the Buffalo roads during the school year, then that creates a whole new level of problems for drivers. A school bus that tries to get around a construction area is not nearly as nimble as a car, and it is possible that a bus taking an unfamiliar turn could turn right into a passenger car or truck.

Some of the most obvious distractions to school bus drivers are the kids themselves. A bus of well-behaved school children should get to where it needs to go with no problem. But it is not easy to find a bus filled with well-behaved school children, and sometimes those children can distract the driver to the point where an accident occurs.

During Snowstorms

School districts in Buffalo area do their best to avoid having buses on the roads during snowstorms by closing schools in anticipation of snow. But when a snowstorm suddenly hits while the kids are in school, the district can often be caught off guard.

Negligence can get complicated when a school bus is driving in a snow storm. When your car gets hit by a bus in a snow storm, the situation can become extremely complicated. You may need a good Buffalo school bus accident attorney to represent you in a case like that because, more than likely, you will be facing off against the bus company and the school district.

Types Of Accidents

A Buffalo school bus can get involved in any type of accident, but there are a few of the more common types that Buffalo motorists have experienced over the years.

A school bus driver who is distracted runs the risk of rear ending vehicles as they forget to stop. These types of accidents can be more damaging than you may think because a bus making impact with a car from behind, even at slow speeds, can cause injury to the back, neck, and shoulders. There can also be plenty of damage to the vehicle as well, even if the bus was barely moving.

When a bus tries to go around an obstacle such as a new construction site, the chances of that bus side-swiping another vehicle increase. These types of impacts are not as much of a threat to cause physical harm, but they can do plenty of damage to the side of a vehicle. Damage could include a dented quarter panel, dented door, missing mirror, and a lot of paint being wiped away.

A school bus sliding through an intersection on an icy surface is a dangerous situation for everyone.

Why A Buffalo School Bus Accident Is Different

It is easy to think that a Buffalo school bus accident is just like any other road accident that you can handle on your own. But with a school bus, there are several parties you will have to deal with to find out where to file a claim and how to receive compensation.

Trying to get maximum compensation from a Buffalo school bus accident is not easy, and that is why you need an experienced Buffalo school bus accident attorney.

Hiring The Right Attorney

The right attorney to represent you in your accident has experience in these types of situations. If you hire an attorney who has never handled a Buffalo school bus accident before, then you are taking your chances with someone who has never been involved in this complicated process. The right attorney is going to know which party to talk to about your claim, and will also know what to say when the time comes.

Your attorney will also need to have experience in talking to insurance companies that handle commercial vehicles.

Our firm has years of experience in handling Buffalo school bus accidents. We know what information to collect to determine which party is negligent, and we know how to handle these cases. Our legal team has plenty of experience in putting together strong claims to get our clients maximum compensation.

If you have been involved in an accident with a Buffalo school bus, then count on us to be your injury lawyer. Call one of our experts today to set up a time where we can sit down, answer your questions, and put together the right kind of claim for your accident situation.

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