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Every day we meet people who have had their life derailed by motor vehicle accidents. We use our skill sets to help thousands of people complete this unexpected journey. Read about previous clients experience with our legal team.

"My lawyer just didn’t make me feel as though I was a client but a family member and made me feel as if my case was her only case. Every time I called her with a concern or question, she replied almost immediately each time with a sense of urgency and concern. Every step of the way it felt as though she was holding my hand and walking me through every phase of my ordeal."

I found the staff at William Mattar extraordinarily helpful and very flexible. They were always available to help, even when calling in my case.


I would give William Mattar a rating of 5 out of 5. The firm was able to reopen a case for me after I had a hard time getting the no-fault papers signed by my doctors. I feel William Mattar kept me up to date on my case. The staff gave me the information I…


My experience was very lovely and William Mattar was very courteous to me. Especially Megan – she got me through a lot. She was a big inspiration to my healing.


I have had a great experience at William Mattar law firm. Everyone was very nice and understanding every step of the way. Thank you for such an excellent experience.


I am thoroughly pleased with the service that I got here at William Mattar. Danielle and Alicia were very helpful and wonderful to work with I strongly recommend this place to anyone who happens to read this review.


Your staff was very accountable of the situation at all times. They were a pleasure to work with. Would work with them again any time. They were also very caring and understanding and knew what they were always telling me. Excellent group. Please thank them all for me.


It was a pleasure to be serviced by William Mattar and his staff. Thank you!


They were great with me. I hope I don’t get back in an accident again but if so I will come back there. Love the staff.


William Mattar has a great staff!  Very friendly. Easy to work with. Highly recommend.


Great job. I would recommend your firm to anyone who’s been in a car accident.


Very pleased with everyone at William Mattar. Very friendly and helpful throughout a very difficult time in my life.


I would like to thank the William Mattar staff for keeping me updated on my case and would also like to thank my lawyer for taking my case and being very respectable.


Thank you for caring about me the way everyone did. Thank you for all the updated and all the calls every month to see how I was doing. I had a great experience with the law offices of William Mattar.


William Mattar’s staff was great at communicating and staying on top of my case. Very friendly and a great experience!


I would highly recommend William Mattar to anyone. Your staff always answered all of my questions/concerns of my case. They also kept in touch regarding any changes or forwarding in the case. William Mattar was also able to conclude my case within a short time.


I’m very satisfied with my experience at William Mattar. It was hassle free! Very pleasurable. They were very good to me. It was nice to meet William Mattar – he was very personable!


They helped my boyfriend when he was previously injured. It was helpful to know someone who had been through this type of situation. William Mattar’s team kept me informed, and I felt the case went rather fast. They were very caring and helpful.


Everything was good. I felt like that I was at home the first time I was here. They were very empathetic and sympathetic and treated me like someone in their family. You guys kept me up to date and checked up on me, even if there wasn’t anything new related to the case.


Just want to say thanks be to God and also many thanks to the William Mattar law offices for standing with me and being there for me on my injury case. You will always be recommended to all my friends and relatives. Thanks very much. May the Almighty God bless all of the staff and…


I was very happy with William Mattar and I thanked him when my case closed. Everyone was very good to me and whenever someone talked to me about my case they always knew how to help me. They were very good at keeping in contact with me and updating me.I would certainly recommend William Mattar…


Every single person I spoke to at the William Mattar office was kind, helpful and professional. They made everything easy for me. I would recommend them to anyone. The standards they set for client services shows – I had a very good experience. Very helpful and informative.


Anjelika and Nikki were amazing and helpful with referrals in my case.  She was extremely compassionate and returned phone calls promptly.  Dan was very informative and professional.  Jennifer was very patient, kind, professional and efficient.  I felt very informed about my case with her.  Very satisfied with this law firm.


I loved the people I worked with at William Mattar. They were loving and caring of my needs and concerns.


I had never been in this situation before and after my accident, my insurance agent suggested I contact an attorney. I had never done anything like this before but I’m glad I did. The William Mattar team handled everything and I was very happy with the results.


Were reassuring from the first phone call.  Genuinely concerned for my medical condition and well being.  Called and emailed me to check on my condition.  Assured me they were working diligently on my case.  If I had questions, they were quick to respond and made me feel at ease.  I had never been in this…


Everything was smooth, the team kept checking in with me to see how I was doing. I give them an A+.


The staff at William Mattar was very well organized and helpful. All my questions were answered promptly. I would recommend others to William Mattar.


I was hit on the right side of my vehicle in 2013, injuring my right knee that required an operation. I heard about William Mattar through my boyfriend who was given a William Mattar pen from somebody. I like most that Attorney Cheryl Reed was working on my case, guided me through everything, and told…


I was on a bus, which was hit by car. The pain began immediately after the accident. I chose William Mattar because my uncle had a good experience with this firm. I was so happy that I did, because my attorney and paralegal went above and beyond to get me a great result. They always…


My experience with the William Mattar law firm was very good. I always received a returned call from the office. I was always notified with information about my case. Val was very helpful and always returned my call. She made me feel very respected and answered all my questions. Mr. O’Keefe was very respectful and…


My experience with the William Mattar was good. Everyone was very kind and all of my questions were always answered. I would definitely recommend the law firm to my family and friends.


I was driving down the street and was in a head-on collision. I was seriously injured. I called another attorney and was completely dissatisfied with their service. I called William Mattar and was very pleased with their service and how I was treated with respect. I was so pleased that I referred a friend of…


I loved my experience with William Mattar! Val was always calling and checking in on me and it really showed me that she cared. Any questions I ever had were answered and I was given good information… I would definitely recommend William Mattar to everyone.


I am very happy with the service I got from William Mattar’s office. I will miss hearing from my paralegal, Cathy, and I’m going to call once in a while just to say hello. So glad that I can call William Mattar for any time I need a lawyer!


I was on my way home from fixing my cousin’s truck when the other vehicle tried to make a left-hand turn in front of me, causing us to collide. I sustained injury to my neck. It was stiff and I was unable to turn it. I chose William Mattar because my girlfriend’s mother suggested I…


I thought the William Mattar law firm was great. I have nothing but good things to say. Everyone is really friendly, helpful, professional and pleasant to work with. I would absolutely recommend the firm to all my family and friends.


William Mattar always came through for me. You always returned my call and I was never put on hold for very long. Any time I had to call William Mattar, you were always able to assist me with anything!


I had a very good experience with the William Mattar Law Firm. The process went really well and very quick. I am extremely happy. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends and I rate them a 5 out 5 stars. You guys pretty much nailed it!


My experience with the William Mattar law firm has been great. Everything went so fast, which really impressed me. I would definitely recommend the law firm to my family and friends. Getting the calls for the updates was helpful. I also loved the pie that I received when I got my settlement check.


My sister’s son had been in an accident. He called another PI firm, but was unhappy with them. He then called William Mattar. He told me they explain things more to you than the other firm did. When I had a stroke, my paralegal, Jean, was very concerned about me. I would highly recommend William…


The law office of William Mattar was great. I would definitely hire you again and I really liked the team that worked for me. I think they are stupendous and would recommend them to anyone. They took the time to explain every step to me so that I understood everything that was going on. I…


Compared to other firms I’ve dealt with in the past, what I liked most was that I received prompt service. Someone was always there. If they didn’t know the answer they would get back to me ASAP… They hired an investigator and provided me with information and explained what it meant and why it was…


Upon getting injured and calling William Mattar, I was very excited to speak to some wonderful people who always answered all of my questions. They were very responsive and I always got a call back—that was very important to me. And then, because I had a second accident about six to seven months later, I…


I heard about the Law Office of William Mattar through his commercial on TV. Every time I called, the staff was very friendly and answered all of my questions and set all of my concerns at ease. I was very satisfied with the result of my case. I was very happy with my overall experience,…


The police officer told me to call William Mattar and I’m glad I did. The firm handled helping me get my prescriptions straightened out. The intake team was very nice and made me feel like ‘no worries, we will handle everything!


I was referred by a previous client. The way the firm handled my issues was great. The experience that I had with William Mattar was very informative. They took over and handled the insurance company and made everything simple for me. I would recommend William Mattar to everyone.


I chose your firm because William Mattar is the best lawyer around! The phone number is easy to remember, and all of my questions were answered right away. I was really happy with the results—not only the settlement check, but the presents too! My father and I will refer our family and friends to your…


I was at the grocery store when I slipped on a spill and went down right away. After medical attention, I knew I needed legal assistance… I wanted someone reputable that would not take advantage of me and that’s exactly what I got. Some places drag their feet and aren’t very professional but the staff…


I was on my motorcycle when a car made a left turn and hit me from the side. At the hospital, they found leg and arm injuries. I wanted to call a lawyer and William Mattar was the first name that came to mind – he looked like an honest guy, and when I met…


With spinal injuries requiring a year of treatment, I needed to find an attorney that would help me. I called on William Mattar because it just made sense: ‘Hurt in a Car Call William Mattar.’ I was glad that I made that call. Cheryl Reed and Kelly were great to work with. They were up…


We wanted to find a firm that was big, and we wanted to get things taken care of as soon as possible. My friend drove me to William Mattar’s office while my girlfriend was still in the hospital. This was my first experience using an attorney so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t…


When we were lost and confused, they made it easy. We were also able to meet with William Mattar at the office and spend some time with him. It reinforced that we had chosen the right firm to represent us.


When I needed an attorney, my niece recommended William Mattar because she had used them before. I was very pleased that they came to my house to talk with me. They called to keep me informed during the case and whenever I called with a question they always helped me and took care of problems…


I needed an attorney and after seeing William Mattar advertisements, I decided to try using their services to see how good they really were. Everyone there handled my case well… They checked up on me to see how I was doing, and were very prompt. I was able to meet with William Mattar and as…


If it wasn’t for Mr. Hall and Ashley, I wouldn’t be sitting here today! I was even able to speak with Mr. Mattar after hours and was very comforted by his assistance and concern for my case. I have been hurt, I have been injured, and I have been compensated. I have already recommended others…


The main reason I called William Mattar Law Offices is because I remembered the phone number. Attorney Lori Hickey and Julie made it easy—they were very proficient! I would absolutely recommend William Mattar to others. I rate them 5 out of 5!


I selected William Mattar Law Offices after seeing the commercials. Although I was hesitant at first, I am glad I contacted them. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, and they took the time to explain things in great detail. Bridgette was very helpful and kept in touch with us all along the way. I…


I was hit by a vehicle and was hospitalized. My mother asked me what I wanted to do when I left the hospital, and I told her I wanted to go to William Mattar. My lawyer and paralegal worked very well for me. The communication was great, and they always got back to me with…


I was walking up the uneven concrete of my driveway when I tripped in a crack, fell violently. My fall broke several ribs, and I knew I would need the help of an attorney. My husband was friends with a former judge who told me to call William Mattar. My attorney and paralegal were wonderful;…


I was driving home when someone rushed a stop sign, pulling right in front of me. I was taken to the hospital immediately and knew I would want an attorney. William Mattar was recommended to me, and I figured it would be a reasonable firm, so I decided to work with them. I was satisfied…


I was driving my motorcycle when a truck struck me in a hit and run. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. My grandfather recommended that I call William Mattar. They helped me with everything and explained everything to me. They would come to my house if I needed them to speak with…


I was on my way to work when a driver ran the light and hit me, totaling my vehicle. I was hospitalized and underwent treatment. I knew it was best for me to get a lawyer; my wife referred me to William Mattar. I was treated very well; Bridgette, my paralegal, was very nice. All…


The light had turned green for me to proceed through an intersection when another car cut me off. I tried to swerve, but couldn’t avoid it. I hurt my neck and suffered from a pinched nerve. I called my doctor and then William Mattar. Mr. Mattar’s TV ads impressed me. Everyone helping me and my…


I was taking my wife to the doctor and turning right at a stop sign when an individual making a left turn crashed into the driver’s side of my car. I went to the hospital for my injuries and went to a lawyer. My case was not handled well by that lawyer, so I closed…


I was stopped at a red light and a car rear-ended me. I had seen the commercials and knew to dial (877) 717-2961. I came in, reviewed my case with William Mattar, and he and his firm took really good care of me from the time of my accident up until now. If I ever…


I was at a stop sign when two vehicles hit the driver’s side of my car and injured my shoulder. I called William Mattar after I left the hospital. I was treated absolutely wonderfully by my accident attorney Dave Rusin and paralegal Stacy. My questions were always answered immediately. I have to say that the…


I was halfway through a crosswalk when I was suddenly struck by a car. An ambulance took me to the hospital with a broken ankle and bruises up and down my legs, ribs, and shoulders. I’m glad I called William Mattar. James O’Keefe, my accident attorney, and paralegal, Bridgette, were very helpful, responsive, and consistent.…


I was a passenger in my family car when our car was struck by a minivan. My hand was broken and my knees went through the glove compartment. My husband called William Mattar shortly after the accident—the telephone was easy to remember. William Mattar was absolutely wonderful to me. I was extremely impressed. The outcome…


I was rear-ended in a four-car accident. My back and legs were hurt. I called William Mattar because I thought he would be the best for the job—I was right. I was treated fairly, and everyone was responsive to my needs. The result was fair, too. I strongly recommend William Mattar.


I called William Mattar because of the ads on television. After my automobile accident, I ended up with a torn rotator cuff, and I was told I was going to need surgery. Karen, my paralegal, always treated me well and always answered my questions. Everyone who worked on my case was very nice. I am…


After my accident, I naturally called William Mattar Law Offices because of their commercials; but that wasn’t the only reason. I wanted a firm that dealt solely with auto injury cases and knew the ins and outs of the field. I felt very confident with my attorney because there was no ‘sugar-coating.’ He was very…


The William Mattar Law Offices were honest, loyal, and trustworthy. They definitely helped me get through when I felt alone and the odds were against me. They were my friend throughout, caring, and knowledgeable.


The focus on auto injury at the William Mattar Law Offices was a major factor for me in deciding who should handle my auto injury case. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the William Mattar Law Offices.


The auto injury attorney and staff at William Mattar Law Offices went out of their way to help me. They were kind, helpful, responsive, and proactive. For anyone hurt in an auto accident, I would highly recommend the William Mattar Law Offices.


William Mattar was superb! Another law firm turned down my case. I spoke with another attorney who referred me to William Mattar Law Offices. It took less than a year for William Mattar to get a great result for me. I am thrilled with the outcome and how quick it happened. Thank you William Mattar!


In November 2011, I was on my way home with my cousin when he lost control of the vehicle. I spent one week in the hospital. William Mattar was able to settle my case, and I am thrilled with the outcome. I would refer William Mattar Law Offices to anyone.


I was T-boned by someone who ran a red light. My entire right side was hurt. I called William Mattar and was treated very well. I was kept up to date and my questions were always answered. The result of my case was perfect. Thank you William Mattar!


I was rear-ended at a red light. I was taken to the hospital and William Mattar was stuck in my head. I’m happy I called. My car accident Attorney Cheryl Reed and paralegal Tressa were very diligent and worked very hard for me. Every time I called I got a response. I really like my…


I was walking on the curb by an apartment, the curb was damaged, and I slipped and fell. I was badly bruised and in pain. My son recommended I call his attorney, William Mattar. I was treated very well by everyone at the firm. I really appreciated the help provided to me by my accident…


While riding my motorcycle, I was hit by a car. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I am so glad I called William Mattar. I am happy with the outcome of my case, and I recommend William Mattar.


I was hurt in a car, and I wasn’t happy with my prior attorney, so I called William Mattar because of his reputation. I’m so glad I had William Mattar on my side. Anytime I had a question, I called and got my answer. My car accident attorney Anthony Tantillo was very responsive, as was…


I called William Mattar because as the commercial goes ‘Hurt in a car, call William Mattar!’ Mr. Mattar and the entire office were very understanding to my situation and went above and beyond to answer my questions. They made a very stressful time a little bit easier and made sure I had a positive outcome.…


My spine and eye were damaged in a car accident. William Mattar helped me when I needed it most. My car accident attorney, James O’Keefe, and paralegal, Marcus, were great. I was ecstatic with the outcome of my case. Thank you Mr. Mattar!


I chose William Mattar Law Offices after my car accident because of their catchy commercials, and I’m so glad that I did. Whenever I would call, there was always someone available to talk with me. The legal staff kept me posted throughout my entire case. The staff was very friendly and professional, especially my lawyer,…


I was on the way to pick up my kids from school, I had my granddaughter in the vehicle with me when I was at a red light and a truck hit another vehicle into the back of mine. My husband told me to call William Mattar. My car accident lawyer, Michael Argentieri, was fantastic.…


The most pleasant part of working with the firm was the fact that my attorney was always on the ball. She was straightforward and to the point. I am 1,000 percent likely to refer any of my friends and family to William Mattar!


I was referred to William Mattar Law Offices by my brother-in-law and could not be happier with the results. They answered all my questions clearly and in a timely manner. I am very happy with how quickly they settled my case.


Great staff and always kept apprised of status of case. Through all of my life changes because of the accident and the frustrations of my now limitations, they always took the time to listen and I knew whomever I spoke with was genuinely caring and concerned. 


I was very blessed with Bridgette. She was very capable and hands on. I would recommend her any day of the week to anyone in my situation. She was awesome.


Everything regarding my case was done very well and efficiently. My lawyer definitely fought for what he thought I deserved. I rate William Mattar 5 stars out of 5 stars.


The process was much easier that I expected. Very happy with the results! It couldn’t have been easier. I was worried it would be more complicated. A family member suggested I call William Mattar and I’m glad I took her advice.


My first time ever going through this experience. Everything was very comforting. It’s like they held my hand every step of the way to make sure everything was understood.


My attorney and paralegal at William Mattar were great about everything and they were always nice to me. I rate William Mattar law offices 5 starts out of 5.


This was an awesome experience for me. Everything was handled in a very professional way with empathy & caring for my feelings and my situation. I would highly recommend this law firm to everyone I know because it is an outstanding institution.


Very impressed with the continued contact kept about my injury and case. I would without a doubt use this law firm again. Would like to thank my attorney for his outstanding work and his assistant as well. I was well informed about my case and things were made very simple.


I am very pleased with the outcome of my lawsuit. Everyone who worked on the case was professional, efficient, and a pleasure to work with.


I had a good experience dealing with the William Mattar law office. It was very nice to talk with Mr. Mattar and he was very quick to answer questions and offer to help. I would recommend William Mattar to anyone needing their services.


I was working with a different law firm and they were not treating me well so I switched to William Mattar. William Mattar took care everything in a timely manner, even returning phone calls. If I was not able to talk to my attorney, he returned my calls fairly quickly. I made the right decision…


The staff was extremely courteous each and every time I called. I never went more than 24 hours for a call back. My attorney was extremely knowledgeable and was very empathetic, and my paralegal was very helpful as well. This whole process, which was life altering, was made much easier by the staff.


Oftentimes staff would call me before I had a chance to call them. They would check in on my pain management and that I was going to my appointments. They guided me towards chiropractors in my area, and the one I chose took wonderful care of me as well. I talked with William Mattar a…


The William Mattar staff communicated very well and returned any phone calls the same day! My paralegal, Caitlin, would call me to see how I was doing and I appreciate them looking after me. I felt the team fought for me and I was happy with the results.


The people were very friendly and caring, very efficient, things were done in a timely fashion. A very special thank you goes to my paralegal, Cassie.


I had a wonderful experience with my attorney and everyone on staff. Everything was explained to me. I was able to concentrate on healing while William Mattar took care of my case. I will recommend to my family and others.


Thank you for your service. I highly enjoyed you taking my case and making sure I was well taken care of. Your team was wonderful.


All of you were very nice to me and were always thinking about my health. I appreciate everything your law firm did for me. Thank you all again!


I was very satisfied with the services of the legal team at William Mattar Law Offices. Every time something came up in my case, the auto injury attorney assigned to my case or another member of the team kept me constantly informed. I was made comfortable at all times. I would highly recommend the William…


The William Mattar Law Offices were responsive, helpful, and were there whenever I needed them. They helped me out a lot when I was really hurt. I respect the William Mattar Law Offices and highly recommend them to anybody.


My father was the one who referred me to William Mattar Law Offices because of all the commercials he saw. I couldn’t be happier with the decision; I can’t believe how quickly my case was settled. The staff was friendly, professional, always got back to me when I had questions, and they always kept me…


My lawyers were very prompt in calling me for updates and if I had any questions they were friendly and quick to answer every question I had.


Everyone was very nice. Y'all handled my case with wonderfulness. I will recommend y'all to everyone I know. Thanks for everything and all the hard work.


I really love the law offices of WIlliam Mattar. They really helped me with my case and I want to say thank you for everything.


Joe & Janet were awesome! I would definitely use William Mattar again!!


The William Mattar staff are amazing. They keep you up to date, they show you they care and they fight for your case. Would recommend to friends & family if they need it.


I'm glad to recommend family and friends to a law firm that is caring and friendly. The staff is like a family. Thank you for your kindness.


The team was excellent, very nice and caring, also quick. I totally recommend using them in the future.


All of the staff were amazing and kept me at ease throughout the entire process of my case. I only had to focus on getting better with my treatments.


Excellent experience, got settlement in a timely manner and everyone here was very kind.


Not one person was anything but kind, patient, caring, and helpful. Absolutely made a terrible situation easier to manage for both me and my wife. Thank you.


This process was amazing. They kept me updated on my entire case, making this process smooth, stress free and not hectic. A car accident sometimes can be your worse fear but after your 911 call, this office should be your second call.


My experience with William Mattar: Very helpful. The staff very courteous. They also took time to explain my case to me and I want to thank you for being so patient helping me with my case. I'm so glad that William Mattar took on my case. Once again thank you for all the help you…


William Mattar has been nothing but wonderful in helping me navigate through this tough time. Stephen and Nicole have made me feel more welcome and always meet me with a genuine caring attitude. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.


My experience with the Law Offices of William Mattar was positive, considering that I was dealing with the negatives of being involved in a car accident. Their staff was helpful, informative and guided me through the entire process. I highly recommend the firm to anyone. A+++.


Everyone was very informative, professional and understanding. I enjoyed the updates letting me know the process every step. I was confident in everyone involved and felt like the team has my best interest. Very satisfied with William Mattar, I would recommend!


I had given up hope on a successful outcome but Mattar's Law Offices never did. In the end I am quite pleased with how things worked out. Thank you!


It's been a long road to get here but thank you for all your services. Glad I was your client.


Fast, courteous and informative. Definitely my choice for auto accidents. Hands down. =)


Was kept well informed on the progress of my case. Everyone was very friendly and got me answers when I asked questions. Arianna was very helpful and had a good, positive personality.


Thank you for making this experience simple and pain free. I appreciate all you've done for my family and I. You were all very professional and kind. Thank you!


I loved my overall experience with William Mattar. Everyone here is friendly and my service was quick.


Caring & friendly staff since my first phone call. Always kept up to date on status.


Joe & Kathy were fantastic through the entire process.


Thank you guys so much. I really enjoyed your service.


Very professional and efficient. I would highly recommend their services to those who need the help and assistance that I did.


Wonderful job! Thank you very much!!


I am pleased with the choice I made to have William Mattar represent me.


Excellent team you have. Chelsea was very helpful and compassionate. James was excellent. Thank you. I will always recommend you first.


During the on-going experience with doctors etc, William Mattar's office was always in touch with me by phone or mail. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.


You guys did a really good job working on my case.


Thank you John and especially Lucas. You know how much this means to me and how happy I am. Thank you again.


Very easy to work with everyone. Simple + straightforward.


John kept me up to date on everything. Also called for my IME appointment.


The staff and everyone I encountered were all very nice. Everyone made this process so easy. It was so easy even a caveman could do it. haha


Amazing service, went above and beyond to satisfy my needs. Would recommend to everyone.


Kristi was my main contact at your firm. Her professionalism was evident. I am pleased to have chosen William Mattar as my law office to assist with my claim. Thank you so much!


I am thankful for the hard work done by the William Mattar Office. I'm glad I picked you guys to help me with my case.


My experience went well, they were very open and honest and with the communication throughout the process.


Nicole Lee worked with me, she was amazing. She made a bad situation as pleasant as it could be. I hope I never need your services again, but if I do, I would request her.


Overall I had a wonderful experience with this firm. Nicole is a wonderful paralegal. No complaints.


Overall I was very satisfied with my experience with my lawyer and staff at William Mattar. Thank you for all your help during this hard time in my life. God Bless.


Very happy with the experience. Everyone was very helpful and easy to reach.


Given my lack of experience with lawyers I felt comfortable knowing everything would be explained in a way I understood.


It was a pleasant experience. The staff were friendly & caring. I was treated with respect. I would recommend William Mattar law offices to handling your injury case or any other needs you have.


I was at first very hesitant about going to a large law firm, expecting to be treated like just another customer but they took good care of me. I was well cared for by the team and felt I got very personal attention from all of them. Any questions or concerns I had were taken…


Knowing that I was ‘hurt in a car’, my young daughter told me that I needed to call William Mattar. I took her advice and was able to get the help I needed. Everyone at William Mattar was great – quick, fast and on the ball! I even had problems with my no-fault paperwork and…


I was more than happy with my experience here at William Mattar. They all took amazing care of me and made me feel secure. If any of you ever, God forbid, get “hurt in a car, call William Mattar”!! I promise, you won’t regret that call and they’ll take the most amazing care of you.


I was referred to William Mattar through a friend. They made me feel as if I was their only client. They always kept in touch with every step of the process, and went over and above the call of duty. I would 100% refer William Mattar to my friends and family.


It was a scary experience that I hope I never have to go through again… I was glad that William Mattar’s team was there for me to help me with this difficult time. I would refer anyone to them – as the catch phrase says it all: ‘Hurt in a Car, Call William Mattar.


I originally chose William Mattar Law Offices for my car accident claim because of their radio and TV advertisements. They were extremely supportive throughout my surgery and treatment. They also were very helpful and answered all of my many questions. I would most definitely refer my family and friends to William Mattar Law Offices. I…


For my first experience using an attorney I didn’t know what to expect but they made me feel very comfortable. They kept me informed every step of the way, checked in with me, and took care of everything. When I came in to settle my case, I wasn’t expecting to meet with Mr. Mattar, but…


They helped me to get the surgery date when the doctor and no–fault company were stalling… William Mattar got it done! I would recommend William Mattar to others and so would my grandson. He loves to say, ‘You better call William Mattar, and they helped my grandma!


I was involved in a car accident and the first thing I thought of was, “Hurt in a car, call William Mattar.” I called the firm and met with my attorney, Amanda, and my paralegal, Ashley, within a day or two. I was very pleased with my outcome! I will definitely be recommending William Mattar…


I chose William Mattar Law Offices because two of my coworkers used William Mattar for their auto injuries and had nothing but great things to say. My favorite part of working with the firm was their friendliness. Everyone was so pleasant and provided great customer service. Their focus on auto injury turned out to be…


The law offices of William Mattar did a superb job in representing me after my car accident. The settlement the firm got me was more than I expected. It's comforting to know they were there for me, and they will be there for you too.


I would like to thank your entire staff. No matter what my concern may have been, someone was always there to help. My attorney, Charlie, sweet as pie, Rebecca, my paralegal, so helpful and concerned about my well-being


My legal team was exceptional. Constant contact and kept me informed on everything with my case. My paralegal emailed me (my preference) of all important dates before they happened, and helped me keep things in order. 5 stars! Phenomenal!


From the very beginning the Mattar law firm was very focused on the case and they were very helpful. William Mattar firm steadfast represented me on all aspects of my case, including the medical portion. I am very grateful to the Mattar firm.


I was originally using another law firm and switched to William Mattar’s firm. I was running low on time with my case deadlines and William Mattar’s team was able to get my case taken care of very efficiently. Communication was excellent. 


As a soldier trained to handle all of your problems, it was refreshing to have someone else take charge.  I had a trust problem from being in combat, but I learned there are some people you can still trust with your back in mind.


I loved the result that William Mattar obtained for me. I came to the William Mattar Law Offices after first going to another attorney. The William Mattar Law Offices were heads and shoulders above the other one. They always made me feel welcome. It was great to meet Mr. Mattar and great to obtain such…


My case was handled very well, and the process was amazing. I received plenty of communication and constant phone updates on my case. My attorney dealt with all issues of the case to get me the best possible result. I would definitely come back to William Mattar in the future.


The team took it upon themselves personally to make sure I understood the process of the injury claim and how to proceed with the no-fault claim. I enjoyed meeting Mr. Mattar and I would recommend their law offices because they worked closely with me to make sure I understood the process.


The employees here were excellent; they kept me well informed and up to date as to what was going on with my case. The William Mattar Law Offices treated me like family. They were a team that surrounded me and helped me with my case and my family. I would highly recommend William Mattar Law…


“It was nice when both the attorney and paralegal would follow up with me after surgery to see how I was feeling, all while keeping me updated on what was happening with my case.”


Amazing staff that really helped with answering any questions I may have had throughout my experience. Being younger I was nervous but constant reassurance from the whole staff made everything easier.


I was very scared initially because I knew this would be a hard case but my lawyers really took charge and made things happen on my behalf. They handled everything for me so I could recover and move on from the trauma and injuries I sustained due to my car accident.


Everyone at the William Mattar law offices has been so kind and helpful through a dark time in my life. I would 100% recommend going through William Mattar. Thank you so much for everything!


William Mattar was awesome! The insurance company was against me. I was very upset. My attorney kept me calm and gave me great advice. Everything was smooth sailing and that is because of William Mattar law offices. 


After my accident, I knew immediately who to call after seeing the William Mattar commercials. This accident tore my life apart. I’m finally gaining back the ability to do different things. I have already referred others to William Mattar and will continue to do so.


I chose to go to William Mattar and they made the experience much easier than I thought it would be. Everything was settled in less than a year, so I am glad to put this behind me. When it was time to pick up my check, I met with Mr. Mattar and he talked with…

Jennifer G.

Everything happened in the timeframe they estimated. They handled everything professionally and with respect. Most importantly, James always called me when he said he would call me, and promptly returned my calls and didn’t leave me hanging.


I was rear-ended and hurt. I needed help. My grandson referred me to William Mattar, and I am so thankful! Everyone was helpful. I would use, and am using, Mr. Mattar in another case. I strongly recommend William Mattar.


5 out of 5 stars for William Mattar!


I would rate my experience with the William Mattar team 5 stars out of 5.


The process from start to finish was clear and went smoothly. I was contacted and updated regularly on the status of my case. Overall I was very pleased with the service.


I had the best experience working with William Mattar. They clearly explained everything and always made sure I was updated on my case. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful throughout the process.


It was a wonderful pleasure being represented by the William Mattar Law Firm.


The law firm of William Mattar is the best from start to finish!


My experience was very good and I would recommend to friends and family. It was a fast-moving process.


I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you so very much.


I thank the whole team for their work. You are truly appreciated.


Everyone stood by me during this process. I received more than I asked for. I liked coming to the office and speaking with Bridgette. Very enjoyable and they made me feel welcome at William Mattar.


Awesome customer service & prompt callbacks.


I would like to thank the William Mattar law offices for helping me through this very trying time in my life. I appreciate all of your support, help, and professionalism. I would gladly recommend anyone to you guys. I am satisfied with the work this office has done. Thank you for making this experience comfortable…


Very friendly and always would talk to me about the case. Caitlin and James did a great job with me. They always answered my calls.


My legal team was awesome. Very nice every time I called for help, everyone was very understanding. I would recommend everyone if hurt in a call to call William Mattar


William Mattar and his team were the best. This was very tough with the situation given. I would recommend you to anyone!


You all did very good. I thank you all so much.


I have never been in a situation like this before. My paralegal and attorney were both easily accessible to give me information. It was really confusing and both were very instrumental in explaining all of my No-Fault and insurance questions.


Anthony Tantillo and the team at William Mattar did a great job from start to finish.


My experience with this firm has been nothing less than great. My encounter from the receptionist, to my paralegal to my lawyer, all have been welcoming and positive.


Thank God for Charlie Cobb at William Mattar! He finished the job I was waiting three years for. He got down to business in minimal time.


I wasn't sure what to do when I was struck by a vehicle while riding my bicycle. I saw William Mattar's commercial the next day and called them immediately. Everyone that I've dealt with was great and my case was settled much quicker than I imagined. I recommend William Mattar!


I love William Mattar. You all are very caring and made sure I was okay. If I needed anything you all made sure I was okay. I will make sure I will let anyone I know to come here. Thanks for everything.


I waited until the last possible day to file a lawsuit. The office staff at William Mattar was very helpful in getting everything done that needed to be done that day. They kept in touch with me on a regular basis. Always courteous and professional. 


Thank you William Mattar - I never thought I would get any kind of settlement. You worked so hard for me. If you've ever been hurt in a car and don't call William Mattar, you will be taking a long trip down the wrong road!


Very professional in every way. I was not disappointed in any way from beginning to end. Everything went quickly. When calling if any of my legal team was not available, there was always someone to answer my questions.


My attorney was very informative. He would call me and let me know what was going on and kept me updated. The time frame was a lot shorter than I thought it would be and everything went smoother than I anticipated.


The staff at William Mattar were nicer and more patient than I could ever imagine, during this stressful time. I never had felt as though energy were being "drained'. I felt in control as the facts were accurate and revealing.


The staff was great! Always was informed with updates. Process went smooth and was always updated throughout. Legal process was always explained to me. Always got a hold of someone being that there is no voicemail which was helpful.


Very pleased with my attorney. I was walked through everything. I didn't have to worry about anything. Very helpful and comforting. Thank you.


Everyone was very helpful and pleasant. Everyone was personable and hands-on. That to me is huge. No voicemail is great and helped a lot. Everything was timely.


The staff was very pleasant and professional. I was very comfortable talking to all staff. The William Mattar firm is the best I've ever had to represent me in my time of need.


You guys are the best with everything your staff did. Everyone answered my questions and went the extra mile to find out any information I needed. The staff was concerned about my well-being and motivated me to get through my appointments and fight for what treatments were needed. Thank you!


Everyone was on point. Everyone always checked up on me to see how I was feeling. My attorney did a great job settling. I was very pleased. Everyone at the front desk was very kind. I will definitely recommend anyone in need of a lawyer call William Mattar law offices. This office and staff are…


It has been a pleasure having Mr. Mattar and his wonderful staff represent me. Not once, not twice but three times each with great responses in the end. As the slogan goes, "Hurt in a car, Call William Mattar".


This firm was very good always answered all questions when you called they responded right back. I would recommend them to friends and family. Couldn't ask for a better firm to handle my case. 


After initially visiting a different law firm, their response was "little car damage". At William Mattar firm the individual case was addressed. This is a very important factor. Kelly and Viktoria deserve recognition. It takes a village.


My paralegal kept in touch with me and kept me informed. My attorney was very nice and very professional. I was very happy with my experience at William Mattar.


Very helpful with my case. The staff at William Mattar were very friendly and have great communication skills.


They handled everything well every step of the way. William Mattar made this experience easier than I thought it would be.


Thank you for all of your hard work. I am so grateful!


Mr. Lucas was great on my cases. He helped me with all of my problems and found answers.


In October 2021 I had a partial degloving of my dominant hand. This automobile accident caused me to miss out on months of work, where I couldn't even collect disability. William Mattar is giving me the opportunity to break even from this disaster.


I called 444-4444 and William Mattar did ALL the rest! From the original call to the close of my case, the customer service was spot-on! No question was left unanswered! Whether I spoke with the administrative assistants, the paralegals, or the attorney, the process was seamless. The efficiency of this law firm is to be…


I truly appreciate the services and help I was provided with. Very pleased with the service and would recommend William Mattar to any friends or family. Thank you!


Just wanted to say thanks to the whole team at William Mattar for being there when I needed them the most, and thanks for helping me through the hard times.


Friendly, called and updated me monthly. Kind, caring and kept me in the look with all the progress on my case. Would use again in the future.


William Mattar went above and beyond to ensure my family's needs were met. Anjelika kept me fully updated with my case along with explaining everything so I could understand. Thank you so much to the William Mattar team. I highly recommend anyone who needs help contact William Mattar.

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