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Standing up for car accident injury victims is what the lawyers at William Mattar Law Offices do. If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, let our focus be your advantage.

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After your accident, you know you need to speak to a lawyer to get help with your personal injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repairs. But you may be hesitant to pick up the phone because you’ve heard that legal representation is expensive. At William Mattar Law Offices, we understand your concerns—and that’s why we use the No Fee Until We WinSM.

The No Fee Until We WinSM is simple: it means that you don’t owe us any attorneys’ fees unless our injury attorneys win or settle your personal injury case for you. There are no upfront fees or hidden charges for our services on your personal case. If you think you can’t afford a car accident lawyer—think again. Call William Mattar at (877) 717-2961 or fill out a free initial consultation form, and let us help you move forward with your life.

At William Mattar, it’s our goal to help level the playing field for innocent accident victims regardless of their abilities to pay. By working on a contingency-fee basis, we can help give residents of New York equal access to the legal system. With office or intake locations in Buffalo, Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, New York City, and Long Island, we are dedicated to helping people throughout New York State get the compensation they deserve for their accidents. Our law firm believes in standing up for those who may be injured and need an advocate during tough times. When we take on your claim, we’ll do our best to build a strong case for you. Don’t wait another day to get the help you need after your accident—contact William Mattar now.Our No Fee Until We WinSM means that unless we win or settle your case, you don’t pay for our attorneys’ legal services.Client may remain responsible for costs, expenses, and disbursements with the scope of representation, and the No Fee Until We WinSM is subject to and conditioned by this firm’s written contingent fee retainer agreement, which may include continued responsibility for legal fees if firm’s services are discharged.


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