Bicycle Accident Lawyer After a Long Island Accident 

car vs bike accidentLong Island offers miles of country roads and tree-lined streets on which bicyclists can spend pleasant afternoons enjoying the scenery. Although New York State has bicycle laws that protect bicyclists from negligent vehicle drivers, these laws are not always followed by every driver. 

Many victims of  bicycle-vehicle accidents are seriously injured through no fault of their own. Mattar, P.C. has been representing bicyclists injured by reckless drivers for decades, helping them get the compensation they need. If you are looking for a lawyer call us today to learn more about how to we can help – call 844-noswap444-4444.   

NY Bicycle Laws – What Bicyclists and Vehicle Drivers Should Know  

Bicyclists and drivers are required to obey the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law.  In addition, bicyclists and drivers are required to follow case law, which requires those on the roadway to use their senses to see and observe to others in the roadway.  When bicyclists do not follow the law, that can increase the risk of a motor vehicle accident. For instance, if a bicyclist does not equip their bike with lamps to make themselves visible at night, a car might not see the bicyclists, resulting in a collision. Likewise, motorists who disregard traffic laws such as yielding the right of way, put others—including bicyclists—at risk of serious injury. 

What Should You Do Afer Being Hit While Riding Your Bike? 

After being hit by a vehicle, your safety is paramount. Once you are in a safe place and out of harm’s way, it is a good idea to contact the police if you suspect you are injured. The at-fault motorist will be required to provide information, including name, residence, and  insurance  information. Police officers may request information about injuries incurred, eyewitness reports, and the circumstances giving rise to the accident.  

Following a bicycle crash, you may want to consider seeking legal assistance as soon as possible that investigative efforts can start immediately. Some evidence—such as surveillance footage from nearby businesses—can spoil within a few weeks of the accident. William Mattar P.C.’s accident lawyers are available to help Long Island victims. We can consult with you about the accident and, if retained as your attorney, begin working on your case. If you’re looking for a bicycle accident lawyer after a Long Island accident, William Mattar P.C. has the experience and knowledge to tackle any case. 

Long Island Bicycle Accident Injuries  

Because of the nature of bicycle accidents, bicyclists can suffer catastrophic injuries after being hit by a vehicle. A few common types of bicycle accident injuries include: 

  • Bone fractures; 
  • Multiple broken bones; 
  • Dental injuries; 
  • Head and neck trauma; 
  • Spinal cord injuries; 
  • Lacerations. 

Injury victims can be left with overwhelming medical bills, loss of income, and emotional and physical pain. Some accident victims may even require long-term medical care and rehabilitation that adds to their expenses. A bicycle accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation for economic and non-economic damages, including pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.  

Protect Your Rights as a Long Island Bicyclist  

You deserve justice and compensation if you have been hit by a reckless driver while riding your bike on Long Island. Contact us today at 844-noswap444-4444 to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys. You can also complete our online consultation form and we will get back to you regarding your case. 

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