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At William Mattar, we focus on accident claims. Having assisted thousands of car accident victims in obtaining the best result possible, our lawyers understand just how difficult it can be coping with a car accident. Our legal team has the knowledge and resources to help you get the compensation you need.

According to the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, there were more than 16,000 traffic accidents in Erie County in 2012, and more than 8,000 accident injuries. More than 3,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes in Buffalo alone. Every year, Allstate releases a “Best Drivers” report where it identifies which of the 200 largest U.S. cities and their surrounding areas have the safest drivers. The 2018 report had Buffalo ranked as the 144th safest city. Based on claims filed, the average driver will experience a collision once every 7.4 years. The national average is once every 10 years.

Our Focus is Car Accident Law

At William Mattar, we understand the confusion you may experience after a car accident because we help crash victims in New York every day. If you’re a driver, passenger, pedestrian, motorcyclist, or bicyclist, we can assist you with your injury claim. The sooner we get started, the better, so call today. Our attorneys will work hard to help you get the injury settlement you need to pay for your suffering. We can guide you through the no-fault insurance process to have your Medicaid bills and lost wages paid.

Our law firm has obtained millions of dollars for our clients over the years, and can use our knowledge of car injury law to help you get the best results possible for your claim. Get a law firm that focuses on motor vehicle accidents, and let us protect your best interests through settlement or litigation.

Looking for the best car accident lawyer? Consider speaking with a member of our team before you accept the insurance company’s car crash settlement. We have more than 30 years of experience fighting for crash victims across New York State. Call us now at 844-noswap444-4444 for a free consultation with a Buffalo car accident attorney.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

It is natural to feel confused and overwhelmed if you are involved in an accident. By following these steps, you may help your car accident lawyer build a stronger claim on your behalf and get the help you need.

  1. Seek Medical Attention
    After an accident, it should be your priority to visit your doctor or receive medical attention as quickly as possible. A car crash can lead to internal injuries that do not always show immediate symptoms. This means a person may go weeks or months without realizing they are seriously injured. Along with receiving the medical care you need, seeking medical attention will also create a record of your injuries.
  2. Call The Police
    The police officer responding to the scene of your car accident will create a police report that outlines the important details of your crash. This police report is important to obtain later on as it may contain important information for your case.
  3. Collect Information
    Gather contact information such as names, phone numbers, and addresses of the people involved in the accident along with any witnesses. Additionally, record statements made by the other driver(s) or any witnesses as they may help indicate who was at fault for the accident.
  4. Contact Your Insurance Company
    After your car crash, your insurer will need to make a file for your accident claim. This means filling out important forms and documents and submitting them on strict deadlines. Be careful not to sign documents without first consulting an experienced Buffalo accident lawyer.
  5. Get the Help of a Car Accident Lawyer
    A car crash attorney can help you fill out the forms that the insurance company is requesting. After your accident, the insurance company will often offer a settlement that is less than the compensation you deserve. Since every accident is different, consulting a personal injury attorney is one of the best ways to determine what settlement amount is fair.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Buffalo

Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Car Accident in BuffaloNo one can know if the driver behind them or coming towards them may be driving under the influence. Unfortunately, drunk drivers are responsible for hundreds of serious or even fatal crashes in Western New York every year, causing upheaval in families who must now deal with the stress of wrongful death or caring for injured family members.

You can receive financial compensation for your injuries due to the negligence of a drunk driver. Loss of wages, pain and suffering and out of pocket medical bills may be recoverable damages. If you or someone you know has been injured by a drunk driver, our injury attorneys will help you get the compensation you need to pay for your medical bills and other crash-related expenses.


Even though it is against the law to go over the speed limit, reckless drivers exceed street and highway speed limits all the time. Speed limits are set according to the amount of pedestrian traffic, neighborhood population and number of businesses in a certain area. When drivers in Western New York exceed the speed limit, they put all other drivers in danger.

High-speed car accidents can result in serious injuries that require long-term medical treatment. A personal injury attorney at William Mattar will handle your high-speed crash case and all paperwork and court processes so you don’t have to deal with the stressful consequences of being the victim of a high-speed vehicle crash.

Hazardous Weather

Frequently changing weather conditions is something all too familiar to residents of Buffalo and its surrounding suburbs. Inclement weather such as rain, ice, snow, and sleet make driving more difficult by creating slick roads and reducing visibility. Lake effect snow in Buffalo may catch drivers off-guard, and quickly turn dry road conditions into hazardous snow covered roads. Additionally, extreme conditions such as high winds and ice storms may leave hazardous debris in the streets, such as tree branches or power lines.

Types of Car Accidents That May Cause Serious Injury

There is a potential that a serious injury can be sustained during any type of car accident. Various factors determine the severity of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, such as speed, airbags, seat belt use, the angle of the collision, and vehicle model. Two types of car accidents that bring a high risk of serious injury are head-on collisions and T-bone (side-impact) collisions.

Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision is one of the worst car accidents that can happen, especially if one of the vehicles is traveling at a high rate of speed. In many cases, head-on collisions result in concussions, broken bones and internal injuries. Slower head-on collisions may cause drivers and their passengers to suffer whiplash, or severe strain and inflammation to your neck and upper back muscles. Whiplash produces intense pain, stiffness, headache, dizziness and a burning sensation around the neck area. In addition to physical pain, you may also develop insomnia, fatigue, memory problems and muscle spasms.

T-Bone (Side-Impact) Collisions

T-bone car accidents are a dangerous type of collision that occur when the front of one vehicle collides into the side of another. T-bone collisions are common at intersections when a driver ignores a traffic light or stop sign. Common injuries associated with a side-impact car accident include neck injuries, back injuries, head injuries, brain injuries, and broken bones. Additionally, victims of T-bone car crashes can suffer from emotional trauma such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Statute of Limitations for a Car Accident in New York

Statute of Limitations for a Buffalo Car AccidentThe statute of limitations is a New York state law that determines the time limit you have to file a lawsuit for an injury after a car accident. The statute of limitations for a car accident in Buffalo varies widely and depends on many factors. For some lawsuits stemming from a car accident in which a person is injured (driver, passenger, pedestrian, motorcycle rider, bicyclist, etc.), the statute of limitations is three years from the date of the crash. If a victim is under the age of 18, the three year statute of limitations is delayed until their 18th birthday.

In tragic cases involving death, the family or representative of the deceased may have two years from the date of death to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in New York.

If the accident was caused by a municipality or government agency, the statute of limitations is much shorter (could be one year or less), and there will be an even shorter notice of claim requirement.

Every case is different, and there are exceptions to the statute of limitations periods described above. It is important to check with a car accident lawyer to see if they apply in your case.

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