1. Eligibility:
  2. By registering at williammattar.com for the William Mattar Have a Heart Program participant agrees to make a donation to support St. Luke’s Code Blue Homeless Shelter.
  3. Must be a minimum age of 18 to register. Should a registrant fail to fully complete the required documents and supply required information in a timely manner or with false information, the registrant will be ineligible.
  4. Registrants must be residents of New York State to be eligible.
  5. Registration:
  6. The purchase of anything is not necessary to register.
  7. Registrants may register in each campaign or program only once.
  8. The time frame for registration is to be declared by William Mattar Law Offices (William Mattar, P.C./the firm) and is subject to change at any time.
  9. Registrants may register for programs and campaigns online at williammattar.com ONLY. We will not accept registrations through fax, telephone, mail, or in person.
  10. William Mattar Law Offices is not responsible for any technical difficulties registrants face. Such difficulties may include (but are not limited to) busy signals, overload on website, printing problems, and technical/electronic malfunctions. The firm is also not responsible for registrants having difficulties sending/receiving emails or phone calls, or accessing the firm’s website.
  11. For registering, participants will be required to go to William Mattar Law Offices’ main website (williammattar.com). From the site, they will be directed to a sub site or another site, which can still be accessed through the main site.
  12. Registering in a William Mattar Law Offices program or campaign involves the following.
  13. Registration is free.
  14. Giving your personal information.
  15. a) Participants will be required to answer several questions regarding their personal information.
  16. b) This information may include (but is not limited to) the following: name, email, phone number, date of birth or age, gender, and address.
    • The information entered MUST be your personal information.
    • The email address provided MUST be the participant’s email address.
    • Each email address may have ONLY ONE participant. Two registrants may NOT use the same email address. There may be only one registrant per email address. If an email address is entered more than once, then one or all may be considered invalid.
    • Should a registrant cancel their email address, they will no longer be considered registered.
  1. c) All information entered by the participants becomes property of William Mattar Law Offices.
  2. d) Information provided by registrants will not be returned.
  3. e) Should any information entered by registrants be determined to be false or fraudulent, the participant will be disqualified and will no longer be considered eligible.
  4. f) Any information that is submitted without completing all required fields shall be disqualified.
  5. g) By entering any information, you are agreeing to receive legal promotional, advertising, and/or marketing emails and text messages.
  6. h) For registration in this program you will receive a limited edition Valentine Peanut Butter Mattar stuffed toy while supplies last. If supply runs out, the firm may substitute with another item or choose to end the program at that time.
  7. i) Registering for a campaign or program will allow participants to receive various types of emails, mailings, and/or promotions. These emails and mailings may be used to allow participants to take part in other various activities including (but not limited to) surveys, questionnaires, raffles, and drawings.
  8. j) Registrants may be asked to answer other questions or complete a survey prior to registering for a campaign.
  9. k) If a registrant wants to opt out of any program or campaign, they may do so by emailing newsletter@willimmattar.com by typing Opt Out in the subject line and including their name, address and email address in the body of the email.


III. Redemption:

  1. There is to be only one Valentine Peanut Butter stuffed toy giveaway per person.
  2. If you register for one giveaway, campaign, or program, you ARE NOT automatically registered into all of them. You must register with your information to each program and campaign in which you wish to participate. Please note: there may be more than one campaign running at a time.
  3. Upon registration, William Mattar law offices will mail your prize to you via USPS. The firm is not responsible for lost or damaged packages.
  4. Giveaways:
  5. Value of Valentine Peanut Butter Mattar stuffed toy mailing is approximately $15.
  6. There is no cash redemption or any exchanges of giveaways.

iii. Those who claim giveaways are held responsible for paying all taxes if applicable (including but not limited to federal, state, county, and local taxes).

  1. William Mattar Law Offices is not held responsible for replacing any giveaways.
  2. William Mattar Law Offices is also not responsible for reimbursement of any giveaways.
  3. The firm has the sole discretion to change/alter giveaways and/or rules and regulations which go along with giveaways.

vii. The registrant authorizes William Mattar Law Offices (William Mattar, P.C.) and all of its affiliates, successors, and assignees permission to use his or her pictorial, likeness, name, or sound recordings for marketing, promotion, broadcast, print, web or otherwise.

viii. William Mattar Law Offices will make the final decisions. Registrants agree to abide by these terms and conditions by registering. William Mattar Law Offices has no responsibility for losses, injuries, or damages caused by accepting these terms and conditions and entering into campaigns, programs, memberships, and giveaways. Terms and agreements are subject to change. Should they change, registrants/members still agree to alterations. It is registrant/member’s responsibility to check the terms and agreements on a regular basis to make sure they are aware of any modifications and still agree to follow such rules and regulations. The firm reserves the right to delete, alter, or add in any terms, conditions, and rules.

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