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nyc skyscapeMotor vehicle parts serve important functions and can provide safety for drivers: airbags, tires, seat belts, car seats, accelerator controls, braking systems, steering components, and so on. Unfortunately, these products are not always produced safely, resulting in defects that can impact thousands, or even millions, of vehicles. Auto defects can sometimes cause severe injuries to vehicle occupants.    

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What is Product Liability? 

Product liability refers to laws that protect the public against unreasonably dangerous products. These products may suffer from “defects,” which are issues that can pose a risk of injury or harm to consumers. Companies, such as automakers, manufacturers, and distributors that produce or release a product can be held liable for damages caused by a defective part.  

There are various types of auto defects that can create liability for a company or manufacturer. These include design, manufacturing, and marketing defects. A manufacturing defect can arise in the assembly or construction of a product, such as an airbag. A design defect arises is a flaw that arises in the design or blueprint of a product. Finally, marketing defects are errors in the way a product is marketed, such as a failure to warn consumers of hazards. 

How Do Motor Vehicle Defects Cause Injuries? 

Motor vehicle defects can cause severe injuries when they malfunction, resulting in devastating injuries.  

For instance, some Toyota vehicle reportedly suffered from unintended acceleration defects. These included accelerators that became stuck under floor mats and “sticky pedals,” which refers to accelerators that become stuck when partially depressed. A defect such as this poses a serious risk to vehicle occupants, increasing the likelihood that cars will accelerate unexpectedly and cause a collision. 

Other auto defects may not cause accidents but can be dangerous if one does occur. One example is a defective seat belt. In 2017, BMW recalled vehicles with defective seatbelts, which were assembled poorly. The seat belts in question had defective “Emergency Locking Retractors,” which could put occupants at risk during a motor vehicle accident. 

Why Hire an Auto Product Liability Attorney after a NYC Accident? 

Litigation for a defective auto product can be complicated, particularly for an accident victim who is not familiar with the law. In these cases, there may be multiple companies or auto manufacturers involved, as well as more than one insurance company. For these reasons, having legal representation can help you navigate the tricky process of filing a claim or lawsuit.   

A product liability attorney at William Mattar P.C. can assist you with each aspect of your case to help obtain maximum compensation. This includes collecting evidence to prove the existence of a defect, negotiating with insurance carriers, and submitting documents. To speak to an experienced attorney, call us today. 

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