Common Long Island Truck Accident Injuries

The business district of Long Island is filled with truck traffic day and night that keeps the area’s economy moving. Long Island is a beautiful part of New York State. It has a lot of commerce and challenging weather six months out of the year. With all of that activity on Long Island and the changes in the weather, accidents are inevitable. It can help people appreciate the seriousness of truck accidents on Long Island when they are introduced to the most common truck accident injuries.


Abrasions are the scrapes and bruises people get when they are involved in a Long Island truck accident. These are tricky injuries because they do not see too serious at first, but they do carry consequences that could be extremely problematic.

Deep Abrasions

Deep abrasions are large scrapes that go below the surface of the skin and into more of the flesh. These are extremely painful and can take weeks to heal properly. The most common way for getting deep abrasions is dragging across the asphalt road during the course of the accident. In many cases, deep abrasions are accompanied by lacerations and broken bones.


One of the most dangerous parts of abrasions is the potential for infection. If an abrasion is not properly cleaned and treated at the scene of an accident, an infection can form under the skin that can threaten the entire body. Infections that wind up becoming out of control have the potential to become fatal.

Deep Bruises

Deep bruises are common in contact sports where the body can take quite a beating. A deep bruise originates below the skin and sometimes shows no effect at the skin’s surface. The only effective treatment for a deep bruise is rest and the application of hot and cold compresses.

Limb Damage

Arms and legs often sustain considerable damage in a Long Island accident for many reasons. No matter where the impact is made on a vehicle, the arms and legs are exposed to the force of that impact. When the steering wheel is pushed into the vehicle on contact, the arms can often suffer devastating injuries. If the cab of the vehicle is crushed from the impact, the legs can often get trapped and severely damaged.

Broken Arms

Broken arms are some of the most common injuries you will see in a Long Island truck accident. The arms can be broken either from the impact on the steering wheel, or they can be broken from a side impact on the driver’s side where the arms are completely exposed.

In a standard fracture, the arm breaks in one spot and can be set in a cast where it heals over time. A compound fracture is when the arm breaks in several spots and must be stabilized using plated and screws. If the arm does not show signs of properly healing after a compound fracture, then it may have to be amputated.

Broken Wrists

If you are fortunate enough to not have a broken arms in your accident, then you could still be looking at a broken wrist. While a broken wrist is a common truck accident injury, it is hardly a routine recovery for the victim. A broken wrist can sometimes require surgery and months for a full recovery. In the meantime, the victim has to learn a whole new way to use their arms and hands for every day activities.

Broken Legs

The potential for having your legs broken and then pinned inside the cab of your vehicle in a Long Island truck accident is very high. If the bone below your knee breaks, your recovery would involve several weeks in a cast. But if you break the upper thigh bone, that could result in emergency surgery in an attempt to save your leg and possibly your life.

Legs can also experience compound fractures and, unfortunately, these injuries are very common in trucking accidents. Legs can become fractured if they get wrapped up in the cab of a vehicle that is completely destroyed. As with arms, legs that do not show the ability to heal properly after a compound fracture are often amputated.

Spine Injuries

Some of the scariest common injuries associated with Long Island trucking accidents are injuries that involve the spine. This is a good time to issue a warning that every Long Island motorist should heed. If you ever come across a Long Island truck accident, please do not attempt to move the victims. If there are spine injuries, then you will make those injuries worse by moving the victim. You should call for emergency medical help and stay with the victims until help arrives.

Broken Vertebrae

A vertebra is one of the sections of bone that protects your spinal column. A series of vertebra together in a row is called vertebrae, and it is also referred to as your backbone. When you experience broken vertebrae, you have what is known more commonly as a broken back.

With the right kind of medical attention at the crash site and in the hospital, you can make a full recovery from broken vertebrae. Many people recover but experience chronic back pain for the rest of their lives. A broken vertebra could sever the spinal cord. This could cause permanent paralysis if the victim is improperly moved. This is why bystanders should never attempt to move accident victims.

Disc Damage

There are small patches of material between your vertebrae, known as discs. These discs act as the cushioning you need to live a happy and pain-free life. An accident at any speed could damage those discs and create a very painful situation.

When a disc is only partially protruding between two vertebrae, this creates a condition called a bulging disc. Most people who have bulging discs never know it because there is no discomfort at all involved with the condition.

When the disc protrudes even further out from between two vertebrae, this is called a herniated disc. This condition can be extremely painful as the protruding disc is constantly pushing on the nerves of the spinal column. Until that disc is moved back into its spot between the two vertebrae, the pain will remain and can get worse.

There are many ways for handling disc damage and you should consult with your doctor and specialists to determine the best course of action for you. The most common solution is physical therapy that eventually moves the disc back in place and then strengthens the muscles around the disc to keep it in place. In extreme cases, surgery is used to either replace the disc, fuse the two vertebrae together and bypass the disc completely, or remover the portion of the disc that is pushing on the spinal cord.

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