Buffalo Car Accident Injuries

As the number of distracted driving and drowsy driving accidents continue to mount, those injured in Buffalo car accidents continue to fill emergency rooms, suffering from broken bones, concussions and severe lacerations. Some of the most common car accident injuries handled by William Mattar’s accident attorneys include:

Back Injuries

Back injuries caused by car crashes can include fractured vertebra, torn muscles and damage to the spine. Fractured vertebrae involve one or more spinal bones cracking or breaking. Severe swelling and radiating pain are signs of a fractured vertebrae. Treatment requires a period of immobilization, rehabilitation and surgical intervention, if needed.

In cases where the spinal cord is damaged, paralysis generally occurs either from the neck down or the waist down, depending on where the cord was injured. Compensation may be available for one or more of the following back injury consequences:

  • Chronic pain
  • Depression/anxiety due to being disabled
  • Loss of mobility
  • Loss of independence and financial stability
  • Rehabilitation/home care expenses

If you were hit by a negligent driver and suffered a severe back injury, call William Mattar as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation appointment with a Buffalo car accident lawyer.

Closed Head Injuries

Closed head injuries include any trauma to the head that does not break the skull. Closed head injuries include concussions, lacerations and other wounds that do not impact the skull. Medical conditions like intracranial pressure or brain swelling can happen as a result of a closed head injury that does not receive appropriate treatment.


Concussions are one type of closed head injury that can cause momentary loss of consciousness. Symptoms of a possible concussion include:

  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Slurred or incoherent speech
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Vision problems
  • Confusion
  • Trouble maintaining balance

In some cases, more serious symptoms of concussion may not appear for several days, such as personality changes, overwhelming fatigue/sleepiness and cognitive disturbances.


Brain contusions involve the brain suffering extreme bruising due to a severe blow to the head. Brain contusions can occur when the brain is shaken so hard that it slams against the sides of the skull. A brain contusion may cause hemorrhaging and blood seeping in the brain. When this happens, blood can mix with cerebrospinal fluid and permanently damage the central nervous system. Doctors differentiate between a brain contusion and concussion because contusions tend to be localized while concussions are more distributed across the brain. Numbness of the legs and arms, lack of coordination, slurred speech and inability to maintain balance are some signs of a brain contusion.

Traumatic Closed Head Injuries

The most traumatic kind of closed head injuries are called diffuse axonal injuries. Doctors frequently diagnose diffuse axonal injuries in victims of interstate accidents involving vehicles traveling at high rates of speed. Diffuse axonal injuries may cause some kind of permanent brain damage when vast numbers of neurons are destroyed. In addition, this injury often produces intracranial pressure and brain swelling requiring immediate brain surgery. Unfortunately, many diffuse axonal brain injuries result in victims suffering permanent, neurological damage

Intracranial Hematoma

An intracranial hematoma is a pool of blood that forms within the cushioned area between the skull and the brain. Because there is nowhere for this blood to drain, intracranial hematomas exert a tremendous amount of pressure on brain tissue. Emergency surgery is necessary to release this pressure before permanent brain damage occurs. Unconsciousness, convulsions and shock are signs of an intracranial hematoma

Buffalo car accident victims who suffer a severe back or closed head injury due to being hit by a reckless driver may be eligible for compensation for damages. The Buffalo personal injury lawyers at William Mattar can help victims obtain this compensation by carefully evaluating all aspects of the accident and presenting a supportive case. Call today if you need assistance in getting the justice you deserve.

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