Some Common Types of Albany Truck Accidents

Posted: June 28, 2019

Semi-trucks are a staple of America’s roadways, and they’re very common on the streets of Albany and along bustling Interstate 90. Semi truck accidents in Albany have a variety of causes and determining the cause can affect your ability to file an insurance claim against the at-fault driver.

Driver Error

One of the more common causes of truck accidents is a lapse in judgment from the driver while on shift. Truckers are tasked to drive very long shifts, and fatigue, “highway hypnosis,” or other errors are human.

However, other driver errors can be considered negligent, including drivers that are drunk or using drugs, texting and driving, or deliberately ignoring traffic laws or trucking regulations.

Trucking companies have a responsibility to hire safe and qualified truck drivers. Companies with lax hiring processes may hire drivers that aren’t necessarily qualified to safely drive semi trucks. Drivers without commercial vehicle licenses or those with a history of DUI or dangerous traffic violations may make dangerous errors.

Improper Cargo Loads

Cargo loading and securing heavy loads are strictly regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Trucks can tip if their cargo is improperly loaded or off balance, leading to a crash. Jackknifes, where an 18 wheel truck and its trailer go into a skid and the trailer swings out to stop at a 90-degree angle, can sweep other vehicles with the trailer and result in multi-car accidents.

Rollovers are another type of crash that can result from improperly loaded cargo, where the semi-truck flips over on its side or roof. These can cause hazardous cargo to burst inside the truck, leading to a serious wreck.

Defective Truck Parts or Inadequate Maintenance

A trucker is only as successful as its vehicle. Trucks that aren’t properly maintained can overheat, malfunction, or simply blow a tire, causing high-speed accidents. Trucking companies have a responsibility to maintain every truck in their fleet. In addition, truck drivers are required to complete an inspection of the vehicle before starting their driving shift. If either the trucking company or the driver fails to adequately maintain the vehicle, they can be found negligent if a crash occurs.

Your Rights After a Truck Accident

Determining responsibility after a truck crash can be complex. A professional personal injury lawyer like William Mattar can help protect your rights if you’ve been hit by a semi. He and his team have the experience necessary to help you pursued your claims from initial filing all the way to a courtroom. Give our experienced Albany truck accident lawyers a call to discuss your case today!

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