New York Truck Merging Accidents

Traffic Merging SignMotor vehicle accidents that occur when one vehicle tries to merge into a new lane can result in serious injuries. Like most accidents, these collisions can be especially devastating when one of the involved vehicles is a truck.  

Common Causes and Types of Truck Merging Accidents

Merging accidents can occur when motorists change lanes while distracted or without signaling. They may also occur while changing lanes either too slowly or quickly. Moreover, cutting off other drivers, speeding, or aggressive driving in general can also lead to merging accidents. New York Vehicle and Traffic Law 1128(a) provides that 

A vehicle shall be driven as nearly as practicable entirely within a single lane and shall not be moved from such lane until the driver has first ascertained that such movement can be made with safety. 

Generally speaking, merging accidents can fall into two main categories: “sideswipe” and “rear-end” accidents. “Sideswipe” accidents can occur when two vehicles traveling in the same direction in adjacent lanes collide with one another. This may happen when one or both vehicles carelessly attempt to change lanes. A “rear-end” accident can occur when one vehicle hits another from behind. This may happen when one motorist is not prepared for another motorist to merge into their lane. In that case, the unsuspecting driver may not slow down or stop in time to avoid hitting the other vehicle from behind.  

No matter the cause or type, a merging accident involving a truck can be especially harmful to those involved. Given the sheer size and weight of some trucks, the injuries caused in a merging accident involving a truck can be catastrophic.  

Determining Fault in a Truck Merging Accident

New York follows a comparative fault rule. This generally means that a partially negligent plaintiff can still request compensation for their injury when another party’s negligent behavior also contributed to the accident.  

Suppose a truck driver seriously injured another motorist while carelessly changing lanes. The injured motorist may be able to receive compensation for the injury from the at-fault truck driver and their employer. Their insurance companies would be put on notice of a potential claim. Suppose now that the injured motorist also acted carelessly, contributing to the accident and injuries. In that case, the injured motorist can still be able to receive some compensation, but it would likely be reduced to reflect the proportion of the injured motorist’s own negligent behavior that contributed to the accident.    

Keep in mind that these are just a few examples of what can occur with respect to determining fault after a merging accident involving a truck. Every motor vehicle accident is different.  

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