Dump Truck Accident 

loader filling a dump truckWhen a dump truck is involved in an accident, consequences can be severe. Many dump trucks carry heavy materials and loads, are higher off the ground than most passenger vehicles, and have large blind spots that can prevent truck drivers from seeing other traffic. Those injured in a dump truck accident can sustain serious and catastrophic injuries that alter lives forever.  

If you have been injured in a dump truck collision, contact William Mattar law offices today. Our truck accident lawyers help accident victims obtain compensation for their injuries. Don’t hesitate and lose out on filing your claim. Call 844-noswap444-4444 to speak to a team member who can answer any inquiries you may have. We’re standing by 24/7 to assist you.  

What is a Dump Truck? 

A dump truck, also known as a dumper truck, is used to transport loose materials such as sand, gravel, and waste. Many dump trucks are used for construction activities, hauling tons of material to work sites. These vehicles typically have an open trailer that carries cargo loads and can tilt or open for the unloading of material.  

 What Causes Dump Truck Accidents? 

Many potential factors can cause a dump truck accident. If a dump truck driver is untrained, speeding, going too quickly around a turn, or driving unsafely, the truck can tip or roll over due to weight imbalance. Drivers can also lose control of a dump truck for a variety of reasons and collide with another vehicle on the roadway.  

Cargo transported by dump trucks can pose a risk to others on the road. If debris or material flies out of the body of the truck, it can strike other vehicles, create a road hazard in another driver’s lane, or cause an accident between other cars in traffic. Dump trucks that open and unload material – whether accidentally or while the truck is in motion – can endanger other vehicle occupants and cause damage to cars.  

Who is Liable for a Dump Truck Accident? 

The liable party in a dump truck accident will depend on the facts of the case. The truck driver, trucking company, vehicle manufacturer, or another motorist could potentially bear responsibility for the accident.  

If a dump truck driver is negligent, causing a collision, he or she may be found liable. However, the company that hired the driver can also be held liable if the driver was working in the scope of employment when the collision occurred.  

Should I Contact a Lawyer After a Dump Truck Accident? 

If you’ve suffered serious injuries after a dump truck accident, you may be weighing the option of contacting an accident lawyer. Injuries can change an accident victim’s life, making it difficult to engage in certain activities, such as engaging in hobbies or spending time with family, . In addition to potential emotional and physical difficulties, those with accident injuries can accrue large medical bills and other expenses. 

This is why it can be helpful to hire an accident lawyer, as they can help you obtain compensation to cover injury-related damages.  

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney Today  

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