cement truck accident lawyerCement trucks, also known as concrete mixer trucks, deliver concrete mixture to construction sites. These trucks, which carry heavy loads to and from their destinations, can weigh over 40,000 pounds. In comparison, the average weight of a passenger vehicle is roughly only 4,000 pounds. Given the sheer weight of a concrete mixer truck, when one of these vehicles is involved in an accident with another motor vehicle, the consequences can be tragic.

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Cement trucks are unique because, unlike some cargo, cement must be transported within a narrow time frame—typically in two hours— to ensure the mix is workable. Certain factors commonly lead to cement trucks losing control and causing a crash, including speeding, weight imbalance, and driver error.


Speeding is one potential cause of cement truck crashes. Concrete in a truck is mixed continually but can still harden within two hours or less. For this reason, truck drivers transporting cement may potentially have an incentive to travel above the speed limit to reach their location on time. This can cause an accident with another vehicle or cause concrete to spill out of the mixer, creating a roadway hazard.


The unique weight and shape of a cement truck can contribute to a potential motor vehicle crash. Because these trucks are particularly heavy, and the load is concentrated in one area (the mixer), rollover accidents can occur. Truck drivers operating a concrete mixer truck must be highly trained so that they can maneuver the vehicle in a specific way to ensure the truck does not roll over or tip. A cement truck rollover crash can be dangerous to occupants of other vehicles, leading to serious truck accident injuries or fatalities.

Driver error

Driver error is another potential cause of concrete mixer truck crashes. Because cement trucks are difficult to operate and require specific skills, mistakes can happen one the driver’s part. If a truck driver is inexperienced or makes an error that causes the truck to lose control, a truck accident may occur. Inattentive driving in general, such as not checking for other vehicles when turning, can contribute to a potential cement truck accident.


Depending on the cause of your crash, another party may be at fault. Liable parties in a concrete mixer truck accident case can include the truck driver, trucking company, or construction company (if one is involved in the loading or transport of the cement). An example is that if a cement truck driver is negligent, causing an accident with another vehicle, that driver may be at fault and therefore liable for any damages.

In other cases, there may be a responsible third party. For instance, if a mechanical defect contributes to the truck crash, the manufacturer who created that part could be held liable.

If a party involved in loading or transporting a cement truck was negligent, resulting in your accident, you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries sustained. Our qualified truck accident lawyer can help identify who may be liable for the crash and fight for you to receive compensation.


Being involved in a cement truck accident can leave a victim with debilitating injuries. A serious injury can change a person’s life forever, making it difficult to do the things they used to love. In the aftermath of an injury, you’ll also likely have medical bills and expenses that need to be paid, and you may be forced to take time off work. It can be challenging to manage these stresses all at once as you try to recover.

If this sounds like your situation, you may be entitled to financial compensation, such as payment for any medical expenses (including hospital bills and physical therapy costs), future medical expenses, lost wages or income, and pain and suffering caused by your injuries. Speak to a personal injury lawyer to learn more about the types of compensation you may be able to pursue.


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