U-Turn Accident 

No U-Turn SignDrivers make U-turns to change course on the road and continue in the opposite direction. Most U-turns are made at intersections, where there is a sign designating the area for certain U-turns. However, some U-turns are risky or illegal and can contribute to a motor vehicle accident.  

U-turn accidents can result in severe injuries and fatalities. If you’ve been injured in a U-turn crash, contact William Mattar P.C. The car accident lawyers at William Mattar, P.C. have helped many accident victims through the years, and are happy to take a look at your case. Our team is available 24/7 to talk with you about your accident claim and answer questions you may have. Call (844) 444-4444 today.  

U-Turns in New York 

New York has laws regarding U-turns. A lawyer can help explain these laws, which are contained in the Vehicle and Traffic Law, among other places. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, it is illegal to make a U-turn in some situations, including where you are a near the top of a hill, a curve, or any other location where drivers cannot see you vehicle from 500 feet away in either direction. The Department of Motor Vehicles also warns that it is unlawful to make a U-turn on a limited access expressway or school zone.  

Even where U-turns are not expressly disallowed, a motorist who causes an accident while performing a U-turn can still be found liable. A motorist on New York roadways must always act reasonably under the circumstances, and sometimes it is just unreasonable to a attempt to perform a U-turn. A lawyer can help you determine whether an otherwise permissible U-turn was unreasonable under the circumstances.  

Common Causes of U-Turn Accidents 

Some common causes of U-turn accidents include but are not limited to: 

  • Unlawful U-turns: Illegal U-turns are precarious for apparent reasons: They are illegal.  When a motorist tries to perform an illegal U-turn in an illegal spot, he or she violates the law. The law is meant to keep motorists and pedestrians safe on New York roadways.   
  • Failing to yield to vehicles: When making a U-turn, failing to yield the right of way to other cars can be dangerous. A driver who is reckless or in a hurry might turn without checking for traffic, increasing the risk of a collision.  
  • Poor visibility: U-turns can be tricky to execute.If a driver does not have a good view of traffic before making a turn—for instance, something obstructs his or her view, making it difficult to see—that can result in a collision.  

U-turn accidents can result in serious, life-altering injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, broken bones, and spinal cord damage. If you’ve been hit and injured by a driver who was attempting a U-turn and are seeking an attorney, contact us right away. We can get started on your case as soon as possible. 

Who is at Fault in a U-turn Crash? 

In many U-turn accident cases, the U-turning driver is at fault, especially if the turn was illegal or unsafe. Many factors can contribute to the U-turning driver being liable for a accident. Examples include if the driver turns where there is a “No U-Turn” sign or the driver fails to yield to oncoming traffic. However, every case is different, and it is always possible another driver or party can share fault for the collision. 

A car accident attorney can investigate your case to determine who is liable. Your attorney can look closely at the case’s details, including the accident scene. Your attorney can also collect evidence, including surveillance camera footage, if it exists, to build a case. Contact William Mattar P.C. today to get started.  

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If you have been an injured in an accident caused by a driver who made an unsafe U-turn and are seeking legal counsel, contact us today. The experienced car accident attorneys at William Mattar P.C. can investigate your case, deal with the involved insurance companies, and fight for you to receive maximum compensation. You can schedule a free initial consultation today— just submit our online consultation form or call our offices at (844) 444-4444. 

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