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road rage accident lawyerMost of us have witnessed an act of senseless road rage—a driver loses their temper and takes it out on others on the road. Whether its tailgating, honking, or an aggressive maneuver, road rage can be frightening to see, and even more so when you are on the receiving end. Not only is road rage disorienting, but it can also be incredibly dangerous.

An act of road rage can lead to a tragic accident and cause serious, life-threatening injuries. The car accident attorneys at William Mattar represent victims who have been hurt in a variety of cases. We will fight to hold those who caused your accident accountable and get you the compensation you deserve. Call (844) 444-4444 to speak to an experienced accident attorney.

Why Road Rage is Dangerous

When an aggressive driver vents their anger, they may do so through their vehicle. A lack of control, aggression, and compromised judgment can have consequences, especially when behind a vehicle’s wheel. Road rage is dangerous because it can distract other drivers sharing the road or put them in harm’s way. In some aggressive driving cases, a motorist may even directly bump into the subject of their anger or inadvertently cause a collision by running a car off the road.

What Causes Road Rage?

Road rage and aggressive driving may be more common than you think. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, almost 80 percent of drivers expressed aggression while driving at least once in the previous 30 days.

If you have never vented your anger while driving, you may not understand why road rage is so ubiquitous. According to research done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), several common causes contribute to aggressive driving incidents, including:

  • Traffic delays and congestion;
  • Limited time (i.e. running late);
  • A sense of anonymity;
  • Disregard for others and the law; and
  • Habitual behavior.

No matter the reason, there’s no excuse for driving aggressively and putting others in danger. If you’ve been in a motor vehicle crash after experiencing the road rage of another driver, contact William Mattar today.

Types of Road Rage

Road rage can manifest in many different ways. A few types of recognizable aggressive driving behaviors include:

  • Verbal expressions: A verbal act of road rage can include yelling, cursing, or saying rude or obscene things to themselves or others.
  • Tactics to irritate, intimidate, or distract drivers: Angry drivers sometimes use various tactics such as flashing their lights (especially their brights), revving their engines, and honking erratically to annoy or intimidate other motorists.
  • Physical acts or gestures: Road raging drivers may also take physical actions, either on their own or directed at another motorist. Actions include slamming the steering wheel, making obscene or angry gestures, or exiting the vehicle to start a confrontation.
  • Unsafe maneuvers: Any driving action that is purposefully unsafe may be considered road rage, including tailgating, blocking a car from changing lanes, cutting off another vehicle intentionally, bumping or ramming another vehicle, throwing objects, sideswiping a vehicle, or even forcing a driver off the road.

Depending on the seriousness of the offense, some acts of road rage can even have criminal implications (such as physically confronting another driver).  The AAA Foundation has offered tips to prevent aggressive driving.

Who is At Fault in a Road Rage Accident?

In a road rage crash, the motorist who acts recklessly or drives aggressively is likely at fault. There are many scenarios in which an angry driver can directly or indirectly cause an accident. For example, you may be involved in a collision with a road-raging driver who came too close to your vehicle and rear-ended you. Or you may be involved in a collision as a result of another driver’s behavior. For instance, you may be distracted by the road rage or have little time to react to their maneuver, resulting in a crash.

If you’ve been injured due to the actions of an aggressive driver, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Monetary damages include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering. Contact a personal injury lawyer at William Mattar today to learn more about your legal options.

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