Multi-Car Accidents

multiple cars involved in accidentA multi-car accident can be devastating for those involved. In a multiple vehicle accident, the force of a single collision between two vehicles often leads to a chain reaction that causes more vehicles to collide. These accidents, whether a multi-car pile up or chain reaction rear-end collision, can result in catastrophic injuries to vehicle occupants.

Multi-car accidents can be complicated as there may be several insurance companies involved. The car accident lawyers at William Mattar have the experience to handle any case. We will work with the insurance carriers to ensure you receive the best outcome possible. Call us today at (844) 444-444 to start your accident claim.

Multi-Car Collision Scenarios

The different types of multi-car accidents include:

  • Rear-end collisions: If a vehicle rear-ends another vehicle, it can cause that vehicle to be pushed forward, causing another impact. This type of multi-car crash can occur at on a highway with stop-and-go traffic, at a traffic light, or near a construction zone.
  • Vehicle pileups: Multiple-car pileups are a devastating type of collision that can cause serious damage to vehicles and their occupants. A pileup be caused by one or more vehicles speeding and losing control, triggering a crash. Likewise, a tractor-trailer jackknife accident can cause a truck to block a road or highway, leaving vehicles with nowhere to escape a collision.
  • Multi-car intersection accident: Car accidents involving two vehicles are not uncommon at intersections. In some cases, intersection accidents can cause additional cars to collide. For instance, if a vehicle is t-boned while making a turn at a stop light, other motorists in the vicinity may not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision with one of the two vehicles.

If you’ve been hurt in a multiple-car accident, contact our legal team right away. We can start investigating your case.

Causes of Multiple Vehicle Collisions

Certain factors can increase the risk of an accident involving multiple vehicles. The conditions of the road where the accident occurred may play a role. Difficult weather conditions can make visibility and driving difficult for those on the road, causing motorists to make hazardous errors. Winter weather driving, for instance, can be dangerous because snow and ice can make the road surface slippery and unstable.

Dense traffic is another factor that can cause a driver to collide with another, resulting in a chain reaction. In dense traffic conditions, cars may be traveling too close together, tailgating, or have very little room to avoid an impact in the event of a nearby collision. This is often what causes additional cars in a multiple vehicle crash to become tragically involved.

In addition to certain road conditions, reckless or careless driving can lead to a multi-car accident. Speeding and inattentiveness can reduce a motorist’s reaction time, whether to an obstacle, traffic signal, or another vehicle in his or vicinity. For instance, a distracted driver that is texting may approach a red light and fail to brake before hitting the vehicle in front of them. As a result, vehicles behind the distracted driver may also collide.

Who is at Fault in a Multiple Car Accident?

There are many reasons multi-car collisions are complicated. These cases can involve multiple at-fault parties, multiple injured parties, and multiple insurance claims. It is also possible that those involved may have different accounts of the accident and who was negligent.

In a multiple vehicle accident, there is likely an at-fault party whose negligence caused the collision or created the chain reaction. However, the subsequent drivers involved in the crash may also be partially at fault. This will also depend on the circumstances of the case.

If you’ve been injured in a multi-car accident, a car accident attorney at William Mattar can investigate your case to help determine who is responsible for your injuries. Your attorney will consider various factors, including the location of the accident, the weather conditions when the crash occurred, the speed the involved motorists were traveling, and more. A lawyer can also consider evidence such as surveillance footage, photos of the accident scene, witness testimonies, and police reports to help piece together the cause of the collision.

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