William Mattar Focuses On New Driver Safety

For new drivers, getting your learner permit, passing your road test, and finally getting your driver’s license can be an exciting time. Although along with the excitement and newfound independence comes great responsibility. William Mattar, P.C. is spending time in March informing new drivers and their guardians of the importance of safety behind the wheel. This campaign is one way we can help encourage and inform new drivers to develop safe driving habits for years to come. If this effort prevents even one accident from happening, then our firm family has helped another family. At William Mattar, P.C., helping people is what we do.

What Can Parents do When They Have a New Driver in the Family?

It is important to both lead by example, and have frequent conversations with your new driver about safety behind the wheel. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recommends creating a parent/teen driving agreement. Some other suggestions for potentially reducing the chance for an accident include:

  • Limit your new driver’s night time driving
  • Limit the number of passengers in the vehicle with the new driver
  • Continue to practice driving with new drivers even after they have their license

What Can New Drivers do in an Effort to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel?

Avoiding distraction can play an important role in driver safety. When behind the wheel, the driver’s main focus should be operating the vehicle. Below are only a few tips at avoiding distraction while driving:

  • Limit the number of occupants in the vehicle
  • Keep cell phones put away while driving
  • Keep music volume at a level in which you can still hear sirens, car horns, etc
  • Study for your learner permit test.

It is important for new drivers to study for their learner’s permit test. Just because you turned 16 doesn’t give you a fast pass to get behind the wheel.  Even experienced drivers can benefit from taking some of these practice tests online. See our community outreach coordinator, Megan Leaderhouse  quiz the team from AM Buffalo.

Drive Distracted, Lives Impacted

Distracted driving includes any activity that can take your attention away from driving, and it results in thousands of accidents and fatalities every year. William Mattar will continue it’s awareness into April, which is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, with its Drive Distracted, Lives Impacted campaign. Good driving habits start at a young age. By raising awareness of distracted driving, young drivers are encouraged to make life-saving decisions, creating safer roads for everyone.

Resources for Teen Driver and Parents

5 Common Causes of Teen Accidents

Common Causes of Distracted Driving Among Teens

What You Can Do to Protect Your Teen Driver

New York’s Teen Driver’s License and Insurance Requirements

In the News

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Consider Instruction with a Driving School

One of the best places to learn good driving habits is from a driving school. They are experienced and ready to help prepare you for life as a new driver. Even if you have been instructed by parents, family, or friends, driving schools offer many advantages that will prove to be valuable. We have compiled lists of driving schools in New York State as a reference guide.

*Although we are not connected with these driving schools in any way and do not personally endorse them, we have compiled this list for you to review and research to see if one of them may be right for you or the new driver in your life.


AAA Western & Central NY
Bright Driving School
Buffalo Driving Schools
Buffalo Star Driving School
City A1 Driving School
Cordaro Driving School
Holmes Driving School Inc.
O’Days Driving School
One Stop Driving School
Safe Driver Academy
SK Driving School
Stevens Driving School
WNY Driver Safety Program


Allwright’s School of Driving
Canandaigua Driving School
Eaton School of Driving
Flower City Driving School
Morgan School of Driving Inc
Suburban Driving School
The Harley School


Able 2 Driving School
Branch’s Driving School
Bugow’s Driver Rehab
Camillus Driving School
Craig’s Driving School
Gigliotti’s Driving School
Roman’s Driving Academy


4 Seasons Auto Driving School
Bell’s Auto Driving School Inc
Keyshore Driving School
Learn to Drive School Inc
Mackay’s Driving School LLC
Right Way Driving Center Inc
Tri-City Driving Academy


Aanandoo Driving School
Adaptive Driving Services, Inc.
Scutt’s Driving Academy
Southern Tier Driving School


Diehr’s Driving School
Driver Don’s Driving School
Learn Well Driving School


Akademia Driving School
Confident Driver School
Drive Rite Academy
Drivetrain Driving School
Easy to Learn Driving School
Empire State Driving School
Grand Prix Driving School
Perfect Park Driving School
Professional Driving School of the Americas
Revolution Driving School
The Hudsun Brother Driving School

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