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Helping Homeless Shelters During the Bitter Cold Weather

When the temperature or windchill drops to 32 degrees or less, the Code Blue state of emergency is in effect for the homeless, urging them to seek shelter. Supporting a Code Blue shelter near you helps provide outreach, transportation, shelter, and a warm meal to the homeless.

Homelessness: A Community Crisis

Estimated # of
Homeless in NY
0 +
Code Blue days across NYS
during 2022 - 23
# of homeless in WNY
under age 18 in 2021

Ways to Help




In WNY, if you know someone in need of shelter, please dial 211 or visit for information and resources.

St. Luke's Mission of Mercy Code Blue Shelter Supporter

St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy is part of the Buffalo Code Blue Collaborative and through combined outreach efforts, they search the streets on bitterly cold nights looking for people in need of food and shelter, encouraging them to go to a Code Blue shelter.

St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy has provided Code Blue shelter in the past and continues to support Code Blue programs in Buffalo, NY. Many factors have substantially increased the need for meals among the homeless and food-insecure population and distributes over 2,000 meals per day. This significant need has shifted St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy’s to focus on providing meals to the population at Restoration Society, Inc. Code Blue Shelter

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We are proud to share that William Mattar, P.C. has been recognized multiple times as one of the Best Companies to Work for in New York State. As a firm focused on helping people, we understand that this starts with how we treat each other. We’re happy to be recognized for creating such a notably positive work environment!

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