Why are Uber Accidents so Complex?

why are uber accidents so complex?The ridesharing company Uber has established itself as a leading transportation service. According to Uber’s most recent U.S. Safety Report, nearly 4 million Uber trips are taken every day in the United States. Many people prefer hailing an Uber ride over other traditional forms of transportation.

Unsurprisingly, with so many rideshare drivers on the road, Uber-related accidents can occur. However, when compared to a typical car accident, rideshare accidents can sometimes be complex. Uber accidents often involve multiple parties and insurance companies, which can make it difficult for those who have been injured to file a claim.

If you’ve sustained a serious injury in an Uber-related crash, the personal injury attorneys at William Mattar can help guide you through the legal process. Our attorneys will fight on your behalf to help ensure that you receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Schedule a free and confidential consultation today.

There are often multiple parties involved in Uber accidents

There are various elements that contribute to the complexity of Uber collisions. In most motor vehicle collisions, there are often at least two licensed drivers or entities involved and the amount of insurance coverage is more or less fixed. But in a rideshare accident, the amount of insurance coverage will depend on the particular circumstances.

The parties involved in an Uber accident case can potentially include:

  • The Uber driver;
  • The Uber passenger(s);
  • Other non-rideshare motorist(s);
  • Passenger(s) accompanying non-rideshare motorist(s);
  • Pedestrians;
  • A municipality, such as city or county; or
  • A car manufacturer.

If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, you may want someone on your side who has your best interests in mind. A personal injury attorney at William Mattar has the knowledge to help you through even the most complicated of rideshare accident cases.

It can be difficult to determine liability in an Uber accident

If you’ve suffered a serious injury as a result of an Uber crash, in order to recover for pain and suffering you will be required to prove who is liable. Rideshare insurance claims can sometimes differ from standard insurance claims, especially if the at-fault party is the Uber driver. Uber’s group insurance policy will only cover a motor vehicle accident under specific conditions, including while on a pre-arranged trip (when the Uber driver is on your way to pick up a specific rider or already transporting one).

In general, if an Uber driver is carrying a passenger, or traveling to pick up a passenger at the time of accident, he or she will likely be covered under the group insurance policy.

If an Uber driver is “offline” when an accident occurs, however, he or she will be “subject to state financial responsibility laws.” Basically, the Uber driver may only be covered by his/her personal auto policy, which will typically have a much lower coverage limit.

Filing a claim with several insurance companies

Uber accidents can often involve negotiations between several entities or insurance companies. You may be unclear about whether to accept a settlement offer, or about who to contact to file a claim. It can be overwhelming when confronted with so much uncertainty. In these cases, it’s common for there to be multiple insurance companies involved in an Uber collision, including your personal car insurance, Uber’s group insurance, and the at-fault driver’s personal car insurance.

No one wants to negotiate with multiple insurance adjusters, especially while recovering from a serious injury. At William Mattar law offices, we understand how insurance claims work. An Uber accident attorney can help to ease this burden and assist you with the process of filing a claim. Our dedicated attorneys can fight on your behalf to help you achieve financial recovery.

Scenarios of Complex Uber Injury Claims

There is no guaranteed outcome for any Uber accident case, which always depends on the unique circumstances. To understand how Uber injury claims may work, here are some example scenarios of complex Uber accident cases.

  1. You are a passenger in an Uber vehicle traveling to your destination. Your Uber driver fails to yield the right of way at an intersection, causing an accident. In this case, it is evident that the Uber driver’s negligence caused the collision. Additionally, the Uber driver was active (or logged in) on the Uber app, and transporting a passenger, when the car crash occurred, meaning that the group policy should be in effect. If you were injured in the Uber crash, you may be entitled to compensation.
  2. You are driving your personal vehicle when another motorist rear-ends you abruptly at a stop light, resulting in a serious injury. You learn that the at-fault driver was driving for Uber. However, it turns out, they were “offline” (not active on the Uber app) at the time of the accident. In this scenario, the Uber group policy may not be available. The at-fault rideshare driver may be restricted only to his or her personal auto policy.

The accident attorneys at William Mattar can analyze your particular case and find the best path forward.

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