Defective Windshields

The windshield provides important structural integrity to the cabin of every vehicle. In fact, it provides up to 45%of a vehicle’s structural support men repairing windshieldin a front-end accident, and up to 60%in a rollover crash. A strong windshield could mean the difference between safety and injury in a motor vehicle collision. A cracked windshield can be replaced at your local auto shop, but a defective windshield may create unknown hazards that cause the glass to break unexpectedly or shatter in a car crash.

You may not know your vehicle’s windshield has a defect until it’s too late. At William Mattar P.C., we can fight for those who have been injured by defective auto parts, including windshields. If you need financial compensation for your injuries, let our experienced accident attorneys assist you with your claim. Just call (844) 444-4444 today to get started.

Windshield Laws in New York

Not only is driving with a damaged windshield dangerous, but it may be unlawful where you live. Cracked or obviously broken windshields can violate the Vehicle and Traffic Law, which provides that it is illegal to operate a vehicle on public highways with any glass that is “broken, fractured or discolored as to distort visibility.”

Windshield Defects

Defective windshields can be caused by errors in manufacturing, design, or installation. In cases involving defects, the automaker or manufacturer responsible for producing the part is often liable for any resulting issues and hazards. Some examples of potential windshield defects include:

  • Poorly sized for the vehicle;
  • Improper installation;
  • Distorted glass or poor visibility;
  • Water leakage around the glass;
  • Easily damaged, cracked, or chipped with no clear cause; and
  • Rattling or whistling noise coming from the windshield.

How Can a Defective Windshield Lead to Injury?

Your car’s windshield is critical because it allows you to see potential hazards in the road and, to some extent, helps to protects you in the event of a collision. A windshield may prevent the roof from collapsing in a rollover accident, or prevent occupants from being ejected during impact. For this reason, defects can create certain hazards and increase the risk of serious injury or death.

Visibility can also be a concern regarding defective windshields. If a vehicle’s glass is cracked or distorted, that can make it difficult for a motorist to safely operate the vehicle. It may make the driver prone to a collision with other motorists, pedestrian, and others who are not in the driver’s line of vision.

Lastly, while the glass of a windshield can always break or shatter in a crash, defective or low-quality glass may shatter more easily or into more pieces. This can potentially leave occupants vulnerable to injuries, including lacerations, severed muscles, or scarring.

Defective Windshield Recalls

When an auto part or product does not meet safety standards or causes injury to consumers, a recall may be necessary. Automakers and part manufacturers may issue a recall for a vehicle part and recommend that part be repaired or replaced. One recent recall notice was issued by Mercedes-Benz when it was discovered that the windshields of several models could separate from the vehicle’s frame.

Accident victims hurt by defective parts may also hire a personal injury lawyer to help file a claim for compensation for any injuries they may have sustained as a result. Recently, a class action lawsuit was filed against the manufacturer of the 2020 Kia Telluride crossover SUV as a result of a defective windshield that is pr=one to crack, chip, or fracture “for no reason at all.”

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