Sudden Acceleration Accident

Mechanic checking car for defectsSudden acceleration, which involves the unintended or unexpected acceleration of a vehicle, can be devastating to vehicle occupants. When a driver loses control of his or her vehicle due to sudden acceleration, it can result in catastrophic injuries or death. Sudden acceleration can be caused by several factors, including driver error, mechanical issues, and vehicle defects.

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What Can Cause your Car to Accelerate Suddenly?

Driver error can result in sudden acceleration. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 16,000 preventable car accidents occur every year due to “pedal error.” Often this is when motorists mistake the accelerator for the brake while driving.

Defects that result in mechanical failures can also cause sudden unintended acceleration. According to the Center for Auto Safety, this safety hazard has been linked to electronic control failures, cruise control system problems, throttle sticking, and driver error. Two Toyota sudden acceleration recalls were related to the affected vehicles’ cruise control computers, which could cause unintended acceleration on startup.

If your vehicle suffers from an unintended acceleration defect, it can make it difficult to operate the vehicle safely. As a result, the vehicle may collide with an obstacle or another vehicle at a very high speed. Some unintended acceleration issues have led to vehicle occupant injuries and fatalities.

Unintended Acceleration Cases

There have been well-known cases involving dangerous acceleration defects. According to some news outlets, in 2014, automaker Toyota paid $1.2 billion in a deferred prosecution agreement to avoid prosecution for covering up safety issues associated with sudden acceleration. This followed years of complaints from hundreds of Toyota customers involved in accidents that were apparently caused by unintended acceleration. The agreement claimed that Toyota was aware of the deadly issue and failed to address the concerns.

If a vehicle is affected by a sudden acceleration defect, a car manufacturer may issue a recall to customers warning them of the potential hazard. To check if your vehicle has been affected by a recall, you can visit

Compensation for a Sudden Acceleration Car Accident

If you’ve been involved in an unintended acceleration crash, you may be suffering from the effects of an accident injury. Acceleration-related accidents can result in severe head trauma, neck injuries, spinal cord damage, and even leave a victim paralyzed or disabled.

These accident injuries can make it difficult for a victim to carry on with their daily life. An injury victim may face mounting medical bills, lost income, and physical and emotional pain. That’s where a personal injury lawyer at William Mattar can help. We can fight for you to receive financial compensation for your injuries and help you get your life back on track.

If a car manufacturer is responsible for the acceleration defect that caused your accident, they may be liable to compensate you for any pain and suffering caused. If this is the case, William Mattar law offices can work to hold the at-fault party accountable. Our product liability attorneys have handled a variety of cases involving vehicle defects and hazards. Contact us today.

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