School Zone Accidents

Pedestrian Crossing and School Zone signsA school zone is a designated area of a road that is generally near a school. School zones are intended to slow the speed of passing traffic, especially near crosswalks where students often cross. In a school zone, signs tell drivers that they are entering a school zone and urge caution through a reduced speed limit. Even with these precautions, pedestrians can still be hurt by speeding or careless drivers in school zones.

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School Zone Accident Statistics

Safe Kids Worldwide conducts research on the various dangers of school zones and the issue of school zone accidents. According to this organization, the pedestrian death rate for 12- to 19-year-olds has increased 13 percent since 2013. In addition, teens age 15-19 years old made up half of all reported pedestrian fatalities in 2015.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, there are five teen pedestrian deaths every week in the U.S. These tragic accidents can occur in school zone interventions such as crosswalks for a variety of reasons. If you were injured by a motorist in a school zone, contact William Mattar law offices right away.

Common Causes of School Zone Accidents

According the Safe Kids Worldwide, there are several common causes of school zone accidents and injuries. While a variety of factors can increase the risk of these incidents, driver negligence or distraction is often a contributing component. These include unsafe driving behaviors. Motorists that drive unsafely can cause a school zone crash. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, 1 in 10 drivers were distracted by mobile devices while arriving or departing from school.

Inadequate school zones can also contribute to the problem. Improperly designed school zones create an unsafe environment and potential chance of an accident. For instance, according to Safe Kids Worldwide, only 4 out of 10 school zones had speed limits of less than 20 miles per hour.

Who is at Fault for a School Zone Accident?

Both pedestrians and drivers can be liable for a school zone accident. However, motorists are required to exercise caution in school zones to help ensure the safety of pedestrians, who are often young children. When a motorist fails is inattentive or fails to drive safely, and causes a school zone crash, that motorist is likely liable for any resulting injuries.

Every school zone accident is different, and an experienced accident attorney can look closely at the details of your case to determine who is at fault.

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