Motorcycle Rider Education (Courses in NY State)

MotorcycleMotorcycling is fun, environmentally friendly, and the easiest way to commute around one of the busiest cities in the world – New York. The State Traffic Safety Committee puts the current number of registered motorcycle users in the city at just a little over 750,000 and predicts that this number will rise as more New Yorkers pick up the trend.

Be that as it may, the increased number of motorcycles in New York always raises a question of safety. Motorcyclists are the most exposed of all road users, putting them at higher risk of fatal accidents on the open roads (streets and highways).

With May being motorcycle awareness month, we’ve highlighted the importance of motorcycle safety courses for all motorcyclists.

New York Motorcycle Safety Requirements

Section 501 of The New York Motorcycle Licensing Laws requires all motorcyclists to have a license or operator’s permit in Class M or MJ. In line with this, the New York Department of Motor Vehicle recommends that all motorcyclists, beginner and experienced, get motorcycle rider education for road safety.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Education Program

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a non-profit sponsored by U.S. motorcycle manufacturers that aim to improve road safety through licensing improvements, public information, statistics, and state-wide rider education programs.

Introduced and supported by the DMV, the Foundation’s motorcycle rider training courses focus on teaching and improving motorcycling skills such as:

  • Effective turning
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Breaking maneuvers
  • Maintenance
  • Traffic strategies
  • Selection of protective equipment

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Courses

The program is divided into two main courses – Basic Rider Course for beginners, and the Experienced Rider Course for more advanced riders, looking to harness their skills further. Discussed below are the course contents and requirements for both:

Basic Rider Course

This is a 16-hour course designed for beginner riders. It includes a written and an on-road skills test, both of which one must excel in to be considered for a road test waiver. However, learners must also have a learner permit and driver’s license before applying for the said waiver. Much of the course content teaches:

  • Preparation to ride
  • Insurance and maintenance
  •  Turns, shifts, brakes
  • Street strategies
  • Special situations
  • Advanced riding skills

All program instructors are riders who’ve done 80+ hours of instructor training, and they’re certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Also, lightweight motorcycles are available for off-street use during the program. Learners, however, are advised to have their own:

  • High enough boots with walking heels to cover the ankles
  • Long, heavy material pants such as denim
  • Unlined, not too thin leather gloves
  • Long-sleeved denim or other heavy material shirt or jacket
  • Eye protection

A helmet approved by USDOT. Some training sites provide loaner helmets, so confirm on their site if it’s available.

Experienced Rider Course

A half-day course for experienced riders with motorcycle licenses who want to sharpen their riding skills. It teaches learners to hone their mental and physical skills while driving their motorcycles on the open roads. The entire lesson covers:

  • Risk management
  • A safe ride’s physical aspect
  • Rider responsibility
  • Alcohol and other drugs effects on the operation
  • Optimum lane position and increased visibility 
  • Protective gear
  • Motorcycle care and inspection

Enroll in a Motorcycle Rider Education Course Near You

Motorcycle accidents are increasing each day. Therefore, all New York motorcyclists should take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Riders Course, not because the DMV recommends it but to protect themselves as they hone their riding skills. Remember, road safety begins with you, so you must do all you can to become the best yet safest rider in New York City.

But where can I find a motorcycle safety course near me, you’re probably wondering? Dial this toll-free number at 1-800-446-9227 or visit the New York Motorcycle Safety Foundation Website. Also, talk to a motorcycle attorney about your options, if you ever get into an accident. Reach William Mattar, P.C. at 844-444-4444.

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