Motorcyclists face many dangers when on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle accidents are approximately 28 times more likely to be fatal than car crashes. At William Mattar, we not only represent those injured in motorcycle accidents, but we also want to remind all motorists that they share the road with motorcyclists and to always be alert.

How Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

There are several common causes of motorcycle accidents.  Some causes may include:

Left Turn Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by right of way errors or misjudgments. 42% of motorcycle accidents involving a car are caused by the car making a left-handed turn. Motorcycles are smaller in size compared to automobiles and this may create problems with visibility. Motorists also tend to look for cars and trucks and may not even notice an oncoming motorcycle.  


Traveling at a high rate of speed can reduce the amount of time in which a motorist has to react.  Additionally, if there is an impact at a high rate of speed, it is likely the damage and injuries will be greater. In 2017, speeding was a factor in 32% of motorcycle accident fatalities.

Road Conditions/Hazards

Road hazards as small as a pot hole or road debris can be very dangerous for bikers. Because motorcycles are smaller in size and only have two wheels, any irregularities or unexpected road conditions have the potential to cause a motorcycle accident.


In 2016, approximately 32% of motorcyclists killed in motorcycle accidents were under the influence of alcohol. Bikers involved in fatal accidents in 2016 had higher percentages of impairment, due to alcohol consumption, than any other type of vehicle operator.

Protecting Yourself

It is possible to reduce the risk of serious injury in a motorcycle accident by wearing appropriate safety gear. Wearing the right protection may help save a motorcyclist’s life.


It is the law to wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle in New York State. All helmets sold in the United States are required to meet the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has an online guide to help riders choose the right motorcycle helmet. Helmets do not interfere with a rider’s vision or hearing and are credited with saving thousands of lives each year.


Thick clothing, such as denim or leather, can be worn to pad help injuries from impact with the road. Leather gloves not only provide protection in the event of an accident, but gloves also provide for a better grip while driving.


Proper footwear, such as non-skid, steel toed boots with ankle support can help protect feet and ankles from injury.

Some riders may argue that protective clothing is an inconvenience, but the benefit of wearing protective gear can greatly outweigh the inconvenience.

Hire a Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

After being injured in a motorcycle crash, you may want to hire an attorney to represent you for your bodily injury claim. The motorcycle lawyers at William Mattar are experience in negotiating with insurance companies that make money by offering low settlement offers. We will do everything we can to make sure your claim gets a fair offer from the insurance company, and we will fight to protect your rights.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries? Call William Mattar.

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