How Long Might It Take for a Semi-Truck Accident Case to Settle? 

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Posted: December 19, 2022

New York motorists can sustain serious injuries when their vehicles are impacted by semi-trucks. When somebody is injured by a semi-truck, they may assert a claim for pain and suffering, which can naturally prompt the question: How long will such a claim take?  

There is no bright-line answer to this question because every case is unique. There are many factors that can influence the time it may take to settle a claim for pain and suffering after a New York semi-truck accident.  

Some claims may be settled quickly, sometimes without the need to even commence a lawsuit. Some, however, can take years, requiring years of formal litigation, including discovery. Some may never settle despite years of litigation, requiring a trial. This can depend on the complexity of the case, including available insurance coverage, the nature and extent of injuries, and whether liable parties admit complete fault. An experienced attorney can provide additional information about how long a particular claim might take. The answer is not usually clear-cut.  

Compensation for Pain and Suffering after a Semi-Truck Accident

Some people injured in a truck accident will likely undergo medical treatment. New York is a no-fault insurance state, meaning that some medical expenses—at least ”basic economic loss”–will usually be paid by the applicable no-fault insurance company. A claim for pain and suffering, which is a claim for the experience and anguish after a crash, will differ from a claim for economic loss. Claims for pain and suffering are certainly more intangible than claims for economic loss, but that does not mean that they are any less real or meaningful.  Courts have established certain guideposts for establishing what is reasonable compensation for pain and suffering in a given situation. These guideposts are contained in many sources, including “caselaw” and jury instructions.  An experienced attorney can provide additional guidance on this important issue.  

Different Types of Semi-Truck Accidents 

Truck accident cases can involve a tractor-trailer or other commercial trucks, such as tow trucks, cement trucks, delivery vehicles, tankers, and dump trucks. These vehicles are typically large, heavy, and sometimes more difficult to operate, especially when compared to passenger cars. This is one reason why truck crashes can be so devastating to vehicle occupants.  

Several different potential factors can cause these types of crashes. It may be falling debris or cargo, a wide turn, a reckless truck driver who is tired or distracted, or a truck maintenance issue such as a tire blowout. Every truck accident case is unique, requiring close attention to detail.  

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