Syracuse motorcycle accidents

Posted: June 7, 2018

Motorcycle accidents increase across NY state and the U.S. According to the New York Health Department, an average of at least 140 deaths occur every year in New York due to motorcyclists suffering extreme injuries in an accident. Mortality rates for motorcycle crashes were highest for men ages 20 to 44.

Excuses given by drivers for hitting motorcyclists can range from “I didn’t see them” and “They were in my blind spot”to “they didn’t honk to let me know they were there” and “they were driving recklessly, like all motorcyclists do”. Fortunately, none of these excuses are valid in the state of New York when a vehicle driver is found to be at fault for hitting a motorcyclist.

Both motorcyclists and car/truck drivers are expected to remain acutely aware of road conditions and traffic around them. Drivers turning in front of motorcyclists or changing lanes without looking to make sure the other lane is clear are normally at fault when they strike a motorcyclist.

Seriously Injured While On Your Motorcycle? Contact a Syracuse Motorcycle Crash Attorney Today

Although most Syracuse motorcyclists wear helmets when they are riding, a common injury suffered by motorcyclists (operators and passengers) is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) . In some cases, TBIs require emergency surgery and long-term hospitalization. Severe TBIs may cause permanent neurological damage if the spinal cord is involved in the injury.

If you were hit by a vehicle driver while on a motorcycle, call car accident injury attorney William Mattar today to schedule a consultation appointment with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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