What Weather Conditions Cause the Most Car Accidents?

Posted: September 10, 2021

car traveling in rainAccording to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), 21 percent of all motor vehicle crashes every year are weather-related.

Many people assume snow and ice are the most dangerous types of weather to drive in. Winter driving can feel perilous. But the answer to “what weather causes the most car accidents?” may surprise you. The FHWA observed that most weather-related crashes occur on wet pavement and during rainfall.

Continue reading to learn more about various weather-related driving risks.

Why is Driving in Rain So Dangerous?

There are a few factors that make driving in the rain especially risky. The FHWA determined which types of weather impact the roadway as well as “operational impacts.”

Precipitation, which includes rain, affects visibility, pavement friction, and increases the potential for lane obstruction. As a result, a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle may be impaired or impacted. Precipitation can impact vehicle performance, driver capabilities, road treatment strategy, traffic signal timing, speed limit control, “evacuation decision support,” and coordination.

For these reasons, driving in the rain and on wet surfaces can lead to a severe weather-related car accident. According to the FHWA, most weather-related crashes happen on wet pavement (nearly 70 percent), while 46 percent of such accidents occur during rainfall.

Types of Weather-Related Car Accidents

Other types of weather can be hazardous. Snow or sleet, icy pavement, snowy or slushy pavement, fog, wind, and blowing snow, debris, or sand, can also contribute to a potential collision.

These conditions, common in winter weather driving, can also affect visibility, making it difficult for a driver to see ahead. Icy or slushy pavement can impact a vehicle’s traction, making it more prone to spinning or contact with the road. The bottom line is all types of adverse weather can pose a potential danger to drivers on the roadways.

Can I Get Compensation After a Car Accident in Bad Weather?

According to data each year approximately 418,000 people are injured in weather-related crashes in the U.S. Injury victims can require a hospital stay, long-term medical care, rehabilitation, and more, leading to mounting medical bills and other expenses. An accident injury can also mean that you are unable to work for a long period of time, and that you will experience pain and suffering.

If you are in this unfortunate scenario, you may be wondering if you can obtain compensation.

If there is another party at fault for your crash, you may be entitled to compensation. Weather conditions may be a factor in a weather-related crash. But this does not negate the actions of another negligent driver if those actions also contribute to the accident. For instance, if another driver was speeding in the rain, resulting in a collision, that driver may be liable for damages.

Hurt in a Car? Call William Mattar 

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