Some Causes of Buffalo Motorcycle Accidents

Posted: February 12, 2019

Motorcycle accidents in Buffalo can be scary events that cause injuries and damage. No matter how much protection a motorcycle driver wears, there is always a chance they will be injured in an accident, or even worse. There are a lot of reasons why Buffalo has motorcycle accidents, but you are in a better position to avoid an accident if you know the primary reasons why they can happen in the first place.

Careless Drivers

A careless car driver who makes a left turn without looking and slams into a motorcyclist needs to pay closer attention to their turns. Additionally, a motorcyclist who tries to speed up the middle of a lane to get through traffic and winds up crashing into a car that is trying to change lanes should obey the rules of the road.

The Weather

In Buffalo, most motorcyclists generally put their motorcycles away at the end of fall to avoid issues with winter weather. But the summer rains and autumn leaves can still create plenty of driving hazards on Buffalo roads for motorcyclists. Rains, high winds, and wet leaves can cause accidents of any kind.


There are parts of the Buffalo area that are not affected by city lights and can get extremely dark at night. While a motorcycle has lights on it, a car driver who is not paying attention could miss those lights and wind up hitting the motorcycle. Buffalo drivers should make it a point to keep an eye out for motorcyclists.

If you have ever been in a motorcycle accident, then we encourage you to contact our firm to get the legal help you need. Our professional motorcycle attorneys can understand the details of your situation and we are ready to put our years of legal experience to work for you.

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