Long Island motorcycle dangers

Posted: November 14, 2018

Long Island motorcyclists can’t always avoid being involved in an accident but there are things they can do to increase safety and make quick but informed decisions while operating a motorcycle. Long Island has many beautiful motorcycle routes. Unfortunately, some dangers faced by Long Island motorcyclists  are caused by vehicle drivers.

Top 5 Reasons for Long Island Motorcycle Accidents

  1. Distracted Drivers

Whether texting, eating a messy taco or daydreaming, distracted drivers are a leading cause of car accidents in the U.S. When an oncoming, distracted driver swerves into the path of a motorcyclist, chances are that motorcyclist will suffer serious injuries.

  1. Cars Turning at Intersections

Avid motorcyclists have scary tales about narrowly avoiding collisions with other vehicles at intersections. Not because they weren’t obeying traffic signals but because the driver of a car chose to disobey signals.

  1. People Opening Vehicle Doors Before Looking

Long Island motorcyclists driving down residential streets can be hurt just as severely by flung-open car doors as they can getting hit by car.People getting out of their cars sometimes forget to see if a motorcyclist or bicyclist is riding by their vehicle.

  1. Tailgaters

It can be nerve-wracking for a motorcyclist to be followed too closely by an impatient driver. Car drivers are supposed to stay back a safe distance from bikes and other vehicles in case the vehicle in front of them has to make a quick stop. Tailgaters slightly bumping a motorcycle in front of them can cause the operator to lose control, crash and possibly sustain serious physical injuries.

  1. Cars Passing Motorcycles

Accidents involving vehicles passing motorcycles are sometimes the result of vehicles speeding and misjudging the distance between them and the motorcycle. In addition, impatient drivers may pass on double yellow lines, increasing the risk of causing a head-on collision.

Long Island motorcyclists suffering severe injuries because of negligent or reckless drivers may be eligible to receive compensation for their damages. Call William Mattar today if you or a loved one is recovering from motorcycle accident injuries requiring emergency treatment, ongoing medical treatment and/or hospitalization.

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