Rochester Fall Driving Tips

Posted: December 6, 2018

When fall hits the Rochester area, the leaves change colors and the weather transitions from hot and humid to cool and manageable. Fall is also a time of the year when rain increases and the cold in the air can create ice. Driving in Rochester during the fall is not always as treacherous as it is in winter, but it still requires you to drive safely.

Leaves and Rain are a Dangerous Combination

During the fall, it is important for Rochester drivers to know that rain and leaves can combine to make roads just as slippery as ice. Wet leaves on roads and sidewalks make for hazardous conditions and Rochester drivers should recognize the danger posed by rain and leaves.

Watch for Animals

Animals such as deer and bears are normally on the move during the fall as they get ready for the winter. More active animals can mean more animals unexpectedly crossing the street.

Avoid the Sun’s Glare

Ice and snow can create a glare that can be distracting for drivers, but the fall can also present sun-glare-related issues. During the very early parts of fall, the sun rises and sets in such a way that it can create a strong glare for drivers on the road. Drivers who are out on the road when the sun rises and sets need to be mindful of this potential distraction.

Watch for Frost

As fall in Rochester moves forward, the morning temperatures start to drop . These lower temperatures can create frost that make roads slippery. In some cases, the frost on the roads can be difficult to see, especially on bridges with a concrete driving surface. Drivers need to be vigilant and prepared for sudden patches of frost on Rochester’s fall roads.

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