Tesla is an electric vehicle manufacturing and energy company known for being one of the self-driving car technology leaders. As the company’s automated technology has developed, however, Tesla vehicles have been involved in several serious and fatal accidents in recent years. These accidents have put a spotlight on Tesla and the car accidents that involve their technology.

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Autopilot is Tesla’s version of driver-assistance technology. All new Tesla vehicles, including Model S, Model X, and Model 3, contain automated features aimed at enhancing convenience and safety. According to the company’s description, Autopilot is designed to “make your Tesla safer and more capable over time. ”Some of these partially autonomous features allow drivers to steer, brake, and accelerate automatically.


While all of Tesla’s automated features are promising, these vehicles still require driver supervision while in operation. When Autopilot features are active, drivers are expected to be alert and ready to control the car at any moment because Tesla’s models are not fully self-driving.

In 2018, a man was killed when his Tesla steered into a concrete barrier on a highway in California. When the National Transportation Safety Board investigated the crash, they found that the vehicle’s self-driving technology had made a “left steering movement” toward the same barrier on a previous drive. The driver reportedly often played games on his cellphone on the commute to work while the automatic systems were activated. If a Tesla driver is over-reliant on the driver-assistance technology and fails to take control of the car when necessary, collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, and objects can occur.


The details of a Tesla car accident case can help determine liability. If an investigation concludes that Autopilot software failed in some capacity, resulting in an accident, the vehicle and/or driving-assistance technology manufacturer may be at fault. For instance, an automated system has failed to activate due to a design or manufacturing flaw, causing the motorist to collide with another vehicle in an adjacent lane.

The driver of a Tesla might be liable in a car crash if they acted negligently. Depending on various factors, both the driver and the self-driving technology may share responsibility for the collision.

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