New York Wrongful Death Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 

Motorcyclists involved in accidents have a higher injury and fatality rate than drivers of sedans and other motor vehicles.  Drivers must share the road with motorcyclists in a responsible and safe manner, keeping in mind that in any accident, a motorcycle rider may be at a higher risk of being injured or killed.  

When you lose a close family member because of a driver’s negligence, a personal representative of the estate may be entitled to  file a wrongful-death claim for damages.  A New York wrongful-death attorney from William Mattar P.C. can help explain the process.  

What is Wrongful Death? 

In New York, a wrongful death is one caused by the neglect or wrongful act of another party. When a motorcyclist dies in an accident because a driver was negligent, surviving close family members may be entitled to a recovery.  An experienced wrongful death lawyer can guide the process of asserting this claim and help ensure maximum compensation.  

Collecting Evidence After a Motorcycle Accident

The person who brings a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the estate will generally need to obtain evidence to support the claim. This evidence may pertain to how the  motor vehicle accident happened, as well as the amount of damages the personal representative of the estate may be able to assert on behalf of surviving family members. An experienced wrongful death motorcycle accident lawyer, such as  the attorneys at William Mattar P.C., can help to locate and obtain this evidence.  

Handling Insurance Claim Paperwork 

There is usually a lot of paperwork when dealing with insurance companies. A wrongful death motorcycle accident lawyer can assist with relevant paperwork and work directly with the insurance company. An experienced attorney understands what paperwork to expect and the relevant deadlines for such paperwork.  

How Long Does a Motorcycle Wrongful Death Case Take?  

Many factors determine how long a motorcycle wrongful-death case in New York will take. Potentially relevant factors include the amount of compensation sought, complexity of the case,  and the amount of available insurance coverage.  Another significant factor is whether your case goes to trial. This usually happens when the parties cannot agree on an appropriate settlement amount.  

Statute of Limitations in a Wrongful Death Motorcycle Accident 

It is imperative to file a motorcycle wrongful-death claim within  New York’s statute of limitations and be mindful of other critical time deadlines. New York law  currently states that a wrongful death claim should  be filed within two years of the accident, but there are other potential deadlines, including shortened Notice of Claim deadlines. Filing a claim after the established time deadline could adversely affect the case, and may even preclude a recovery.  

A New York wrongful death lawyer who understands the relevant deadline  can help to ensure that a claim is timely filed. You want to make sure you follow the right processes because doing so improves your odds of receiving maximum compensation. William Mattar P.C. has experienced wrongful-death lawyers who can help with the process. 

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The attorneys at William Mattar, P.C. may be able to help after a wrongful death on New York roadways.  Contact us  York for a free case evaluation.  

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