Vehicle Property Damage

In regard to car accidents, “property damage” typically refers to the damage done to or by a vehicle. Unlike other damages that affect the people involved in a car crash—such as a serious injury—property damage is harm caused to an object such as car. Vehicle damage may be covered by either your collision insurance or the insurance of the vehicle that caused the accident.


After an accident, your insurance company usually must be notified as soon as possible to report the accident and submit claims. Your insurance company may have a deadline for when they need to be notified for you to qualify for property damage coverage. The insurance company may refer you to a body shop for a vehicle repair estimate. Some insurance companies require additional inspections to decide whether the car should be repaired or deemed a “total loss.”


When the cost of repair is more than the car’s actual value, it is considered a total loss. If this happens, you deserve a fair settlement from the insurance company to compensate you for the purchase of a replacement vehicle. Additional factors such as purchasing fees and sales taxes should be considered in the settlement amount.


After your vehicle repair estimate has been completed, the insurance company may ask you to sign a release agreeing to the property damage settlement amount. It is crucial that you make sure the release is for property damage only. Signing a release that includes “all claims” or “personal injury claims” could eliminate your right to be compensated for your bodily injuries.

If you were also hurt in the car accident that caused damaged to your car, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer today. You may be entitled to other forms of compensation for your accident injuries.


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