Common Buffalo Truck Accident Injuries

When trucks are traveling in and out of Buffalo, there are bound to be accidents. The bad weather and careless drivers almost ensure that there is going to be some sort of collision involving a truck at some point.

People who often travel the roads of Buffalo should become familiar with the most common injuries that occur in truck accidents so they know how to react if they stop to help. You should always let emergency medical personnel handle any Buffalo truck accident injuries. However, being able to identify injuries can help you to prepare emergency personnel with the information they need.

Legs And Feet

A victim’s legs and feet are in a precarious position during a truck accident. This is especially true if there is a head-on collision. But even accident impacts from the sides can twist and turn legs in ways they were not meant to be turned. The feet are in significant danger because they are already trapped in a small compartment.  When an accident occurs, the space gets smaller.

Broken feet are extremely painful and can take a very long time to heal. In most cases, the break in a foot is not obvious upon a first observation. Everything from a hairline fracture to a major break can take months to heal properly.

Dislocated Ankle

It is very easy for the impact of a Buffalo truck accident to cause ankles to dislocate. One of the only benefits to a dislocated ankle is that the victim usually makes a complete recovery with no lingering effects.

Broken Ankle

A broken ankle can be a very difficult injury for a doctor to treat and for a victim to deal with. The healing process on a broken ankle can take a long time. This can be frustrating as any pressure can be extremely painful.

Broken Leg

A truck collision can create a broken leg or a compound fracture. A broken leg occurs when the leg breaks in one place, while a compound fracture occurs when the leg breaks in many places. Surgery is always need to set pins and try to help a leg with a compound fracture heal. The very real fear with a compound fracture is that it will never heal right and the leg will need to be amputated.

Thighs And Hips

Some of the strongest bones in your body are found in your thighs and your hips. Any damage to this part of your body will create pain all over your body. This can mean several months of discomfort. In some cases, the damage from a Buffalo truck accident to the thighs and hips could be permanent.

Broken femur

The femur is the leg bone found in your thigh and is one of the thickest bones in your body. When you consider how strong your legs are, you can thank your femurs for that strength. When these bones break, the pain can be excruciating for a very long time. In most cases, surgery is needed to properly repair these breaks and the recovery time is often months.

Dislocated Hip

When the femur gets jolted out of the hip bone, then you get what is known as a dislocated hip. Because the hips are where most of your body weight is supported when you stand and do other activities, there are a lot of sensitive nerves in that area that can make a dislocated hip extremely painful. It takes surgery to fix a dislocated hip, but the prognosis for most cases is usually a full recovery.

Broken Hip

The bone structure of your body in the hip area is extremely precise. If anything moves in any direction just a fraction of an inch, you could experience pain for the rest of your life. This is why broken hips have the potential to be so dangerous. If they do not heal properly, they could cause you pain and problems walking for the rest of your life. Hip surgery is very risky, and in some cases victims eventually have to have an artificial hip installed.

Rib Cage And Internal Organs

If you monitor Buffalo truck accidents long enough, you will realize that rib cage and internal organ injuries are some of the most common types of ailments people get. The worst part about these types of injuries is that they are deceptively painful and, if not treated immediately, some can be deadly.

Damaged Arteries

Some of the most common yet unnoticed injuries people sustain in truck accidents are damaged arteries. When your body absorbs a significant impact, that impact can rupture the arteries that take blood to and from your heart. This creates a condition known as internal bleeding, and it can be fatal if it is not treated immediately. The deceptive part is that a victim could be bleeding to death and you would never know by looking at them.

Puncture Lungs

Buffalo truck accidents that result in rib injuries also run the risk of puncturing lungs as well. If the accident causes the victim to be perforated by a sharp object, then that can also be a threat to puncture a lung. At a time when all the victim wants to do is breathe easy until help arrives, a punctured lung can make every breath feel almost impossible.

Cracked, Broken, or Bruised Ribs

If you have played any sports and got bumped in the ribs, then you know how painful that little bit of contact can be. In a Buffalo truck accident, there is the real threat of cracked, broken, or bruised ribs. With these conditions, moving and even breathing becomes extremely painful. The severity of the pain depends on whether your ribs are broken, cracked, or bruised. Broken ribs are the most painful of the three. Part of the treatment for these injuries is remaining motionless with a tight wrap around your body. That can make doing anything a horrible experience.


Spinal injuries are all too common in truck crashes, and they are also some of the most difficult to treat.

Broken Vertebrae

Your vertebrae are the bones that surround your spinal cord that runs up your back. When your vertebrae break, it is also referred to as a broken back. The breaking of vertebrae can knock everything else in your back out of alignment. Any misalignment can lead to many different types of pain. Broken vertebrae are the reason that you should never move a Buffalo truck accident victim if you see one. If anybody other than trained medical personnel tries to move someone with broken vertebrae, then they could severe the spinal cord and paralyze that person for life.

Damaged Discs

Your discs are the soft tissue that acts like cushions between your vertebrae. A bulging disc occurs when a small part of a disc pokes out from between two vertebrae and pushes up against the spinal cord. A herniated disc occurs when most of the disc pops out from between the vertebrae and starts putting extreme pressure on the spinal cord. Damaged discs can be extremely painful and take a very long time to repair.

While it might be your inclination to try and help victims of a truck accident, all you should do is try to keep the victims comfortable until medical help arrives. The most common Buffalo truck accident injuries are also the most dangerous if not handled properly.

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