Our Vision

The date is December 31, 2019, William Mattar, P.C. is one of the largest motor vehicle injury firms in the country. It is the number one choice for motor vehicle accident victims in Western and Central New York with service locations across New York and in multiple other states. Our laser focus on motor vehicle accidents provides a distinct advantage to our clients. As a result, many of the most seriously injured contact our personal injury attorneys for help. 

Our reputation in the community is built on obtaining significant results, delivering exceptional customer service and holding insurance companies accountable. Our trial lawyers have litigated thousands of serious injury motor vehicle claims and have taken many substantial verdicts. We receive high ratings from clients for our work throughout their cases. There is regular communication between our team and our clients ensuring active case management and exceptional service. 

Use of our own Mattar Litigation Method expedites cases through the litigation process and assists in maximizing recoveries by allowing for the communication of truths pertaining to each case. Our substantial resources are another key component in aggressively pursuing claims. The ability to advance sizable amounts for investigation, experts and trial preparation helps maximize client recoveries. 

Our success for our clients allows us to remain financially strong with continued growth. The firm’s financial strength provides security to our clients and our team members and their families. Each department adds to our strength by looking for ways to eliminate waste of resources. We invest in cutting edge technology and our team looks for ways to do things better and more efficiently. These efforts allow us to have the significant financial resources required to litigate and try cases to maximize recoveries for our clients. Our clients appreciate our dedication, trust our experience, and actively participate in their claims to the best of their ability. Our clients are happy with the results of their claims. They tell their friends and family about their experience and actively refer those they care about to us. 


The number of people that contact us for help with their injury claims after a motor vehicle accident continues to grow at a significant rate. We help as many people as we can by pursuing their claims. For those we cannot represent, we are helpful and provide guidance. We believe in growth to allow those injured to have access to our team but only as long as it does not weaken our exceptional legal performance. 

We enjoy helping each other

Our team loves helping our clients through their difficult times and understands the stress and anxiety clients go through when dealing with life changing injuries, being out of work and the uncertainty that brings. Our team members are smart, friendly, and fun and embrace constantly changing for the better. 

At the top

Being named a top place to work in New York energizes our team. Our team enjoys clear communication throughout the firm, competitive pay and benefits. The office environment is always professional, yet cheerful, inviting, and fun. Work-life balance is important, so we work hard and then spend time with family and friends. We attract many of the best and brightest. Our team members recruit the best people to join our team because they want coworkers who fit our culture. The Mattar team appreciates that this is much more than just a place to work. 

Meetings and Committees

We have regular meetings to advance clients’ cases and to move our firm forward. All meetings have a firm start and end time, an agenda, and a clear meeting purpose. The entire firm meets every morning at a stand up typically seven minute huddle to celebrate successes, to give praise for a job well done, to discuss strategic objectives and to identify areas where people need help. 

Quarterly firm-wide meetings allow team members the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion of where we stand with our strategic initiatives. Yearly the entire firm meets to discuss the past year and to roll out the strategic initiatives for the following year. 

Every team member is actively involved in at least one firm committee or project that supports our core values. Committee and project leadership is a steppingstone to other leadership opportunities. These activities give every member the chance to be heard and participate in making changes for the better. This allows everyone to see how decisions are made. It also gives the team the ability to understand and to participate in the prioritizing of projects. 


We have grown our leadership team within the firm so that more team members help move us forward. There are clear paths to become a leader and move up the leadership ladder. Leadership training is offered to those interested and coaching is provided to those in current positions. Our team members are often overheard saying “this is the best place to work” and “I love it here.” Our team feels respected and heard. Most importantly, they know they have an important purpose: having opportunities to make a difference in our clients’ lives. 

Social Media Merits

Clients go out of their way to write us positive reviews on social media. They routinely praise the regular communication they had with team members. They talk about the relationships they built with us and will miss the conversations. They often talk about how thrilled they are with the results and appreciate that the process was explained to them throughout their case and questions were encouraged and always answered. 

Marketing and Referrals

Our marketing efforts are innovative and positive. We explain our unique focus and commitment and how we are able to help people through their difficult times. 

Our professional and friendly manner enhances the reputation of the legal profession. Others from across the nation mimic our creative concepts. Although most people know our firm through our marketing, most of our clients come to us from referrals. 

Past clients, attorneys and other professionals confidently recommend us because they are aware of our exceptional work and stellar customer service. Every team member is excited to explain our focus, dedication and how we help people after motor vehicle accidents with all those they are in contact with. 

We live our core values

  • Together serve our clients 
  • Support our colleagues 
  • Love our families 
  • Support our community 

Helping People – It’s what we do

  • We are dedicated to changing for the better 
  • Our mission is to use our legal knowledge to help clients overcome their challenges 
  • Our purpose is to make a difference 
  • We strive to make a difference for our clients, team members and the Buffalo community 
  • We help people and causes because ‘Helping People – It’s What We Do’ 
Our Achievements
We are proud to share that William Mattar, P.C. has been recognized multiple times as one of the Best Companies to Work for in New York. As a firm focused on helping people, we understand that this starts with how we treat each other. We’re happy to be recognized for creating such a notably positive work environment!

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