Hazardous Materials and New York Truck Accidents

Posted: May 30, 2014

Accidents involving commercial tractor-trailers can be extremely dangerous when the trucks involved are hauling hazardous materials. Despite the potential harm, there are few regulations in place to help protect the environment and motoring public.

There have been 589 fatalities in the United States involving tractor-trailers hauling hazardous materials between 1971 and 2013—with 24 on New York Highways. The state has failed to take action to limit the roads and highways hazardous material haulers can travel even with such a high fatality rate.

One reason for the complacency in updating the New York trucking rules and regulations is some lawmakers feel that federal regulations regarding certification, licensing, labeling, and travel are enough. Others believe creating certain routes on roads for these vehicles to travel would limit the number of accidents and fatalities involving these vehicles.

The Democrat & Chronicle explains this is why over the past six years, New York senators have been working to pass a bill that would create limited routes of travel. The bill has failed to become law because of conflicts in determining which routes are safest.

At William Mattar Law Offices, our Truck Accident Attorneys have seen the devastating results of accidents involving tractor-trailers and are hopeful lawmakers pass new regulations to prevent crashes and protect the public.

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