Is distracted walking in Syracuse as dangerous as distracted driving?

Posted: November 16, 2018

Recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data reports that nearly four percent of drivers admit to using smartphones while driving. As smartphone use becomes more widespread across the country, it is possible that statistics like these will only continue to rise in years to come.

What is Distracted Walking in Syracuse?

While distracted drivers are dangerous drivers, distracted pedestrians can also find themselves in danger. The Governors Highway Safety Association has 2016 information showing a projected 11-percent increase in pedestrians killed.

Can Distracted Pedestrians Be Charged with Causing an Accident?

When pedestrians walk in or around traffic, they are expected to obey relevant laws the same way drivers are expected to.

Distracted Walking in Syracuse is “Negligent” Walking

If you are a pedestrian injured in a Syracuse car accident, call William Mattar today to make a consultation appointment with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney. You may qualify to receive compensation for your damages.

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