Super Bowl LIV – William Mattar Ad

Posted: January 31, 2020

At first, WINNING was just fun for Bill. But, as time went on it became something more…much more. Now it’s everything. Because now, he’s doing it for YOU.

During Super Bowl LIV, William Mattar law offices launched a new chapter in the “Meet William Mattar” television ad campaign. The 30-second commercial aired in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, and it’s a throwback to a young William Mattar with his mother, Phyllis Margrey, as the narrator saying, “Winning was always fun for Bill.”

The inspiration for the “Growing up” commercial illustrates Mattar’s competitive nature and his drive to win. Child actors portray the young William Mattar playing games like twister and chess demonstrating just how much he likes to win. William Mattar’s mother, Phyllis Margery said, “Working with Bill on this was so much fun for me. It’s true that winning was always fun for him, and now he combines it with his goal of helping people. That makes me proud.”

“We’ve had so many people tell us that they like the “Meet William Mattar” spots,” said William Mattar. “Working with my mom and reminiscing about growing up was especially fun. I am one of seven children, and we were always racing each other or playing games,” said Mattar. “I thought it would be nice to have a fun, local commercial for the Super Bowl, and I hope that people enjoyed it.”

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