To the Working Parent

Posted: May 12, 2015

The reason adults should look as though they are having fun, is to give kids a reason to want to grow up.  ~Patch Adams

The moment we graduate from college it is a rat race to find a career and start “life”. Everyone wants to climb that ladder and strive to do everything we said we were going to do in school. We teach our children to strive for excellence and be the best that they can be with whatever it is they want to be. But when do we teach them balance? How do we show them to enjoy the simple things in life along with the complex? Don’t we want them to stop and smell the roses, look at the stars and enjoy the sunshine; while still pursuing their goals?

This type of behavior can be taught at a young age. It is hard to find the balance as a full time working parent. We sometimes miss out on moments with our children when working from the early mornings to the late nights. But we do this for them, so this is where the confusion comes in. If we could just find that money tree growing in our back yard, most of us would prefer to stay at home with our children laughing and playing all day. Lots of digging, but still can’t find it.

This is where we need to make a conscious effort to be present in the moment. The book we read them before bed. The car ride home from daycare or school. The dinner they refuse to eat. This is our chance to act, sing, play and laugh. Children don’t remember time by looking at their watch; they remember it as a moment. The time when Daddy made me laugh when he read my book in a silly voice. Or the time Mommy turned on music after dinner and danced with me in the living room. The impromptu stop at the playground after school. Some times “life” gets in the way of thinking of these small ideas that mean the world to our little ones. Let your kids know that growing up is fun. And that should never change.

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