William Mattar’s Pet Photo Contest and the Niagara SPCA

Pet Photo Contest Winner 2023
Posted: December 6, 2023

Recently, William Mattar, P.C., a firm deeply committed to community involvement and making a positive impact, held its annual Rescue a Shelter Animal pet photo contest. This fun event not only showcased the love we have for our pets but also emphasized the importance of supporting animal shelters. 

The Joyful Winner and a Generous Gesture 

The contest’s winner was Sammi, a charming pooch owned by Abbie & Pierre Milton. Along with receiving a $50 Chewy gift card for their pet, the Miltons made a benevolent choice by selecting the Niagara SPCA to receive a generous donation of $1,000 from William Mattar, P.C. This gesture not only highlighted the bond between humans and animals but also the spirit of giving back to those in need. 

Spotlight on the Niagara SPCA: A Beacon of Hope 

The Niagara SPCA, the beneficiary of this kindness, is a no-kill shelter dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of abandoned and unwanted animals. Their mission goes beyond just sheltering; they are an integral part of the community, fostering the human-animal bond and advocating for animal welfare. 

Why Adoption Matters 

  • Saving Lives: When you adopt a pet, you’re giving them the loving home they deserve and opening up space at the shelter for other animals in need. 
  • Fighting Puppy Mills: By adopting instead of buying from pet stores, you’re taking a stand against commercial breeding facilities that often prioritize profit over the well-being of animals. 
  • Health Benefits: Most shelter pets are already vaccinated, spayed, or neutered, ensuring they’re ready to join your family without the immediate need for medical procedures. 

Cats and Dogs Awaiting Their Forever Home 

The Niagara SPCA is home to a variety of cats and dogs, each with their own personality and needs: 

  • Cuddly Cats: From playful kittens to serene seniors, the shelter has a range of feline friends awaiting adoption. Whether you’re looking for a lap cat or an independent spirit, there’s a perfect match waiting for you. 
  • Devoted Dogs: The shelter’s canine residents include breeds of all sizes, awaiting their forever homes. From energetic puppies to gentle giants, these dogs are eager to find a family to love and protect. 

The Joy of a Rescued Pet 

Adopting a shelter pet is a rewarding experience. These animals often demonstrate an incredible amount of love and gratitude to their new families. They’re not just pets; they become loyal companions and cherished members of your household. 

How You Can Help the Niagara SPCA 

Even if you’re not ready to adopt, there are other ways to support the mission of the Niagara SPCA: 

  • Share Their Stories: Spread the word about the animals in need of homes. Social media shares can significantly increase their chances of finding a loving family. 
  • Volunteer: Your time is invaluable. Volunteering at the shelter can make a huge difference in the lives of these animals. 
  • Donate: Financial contributions support the shelter’s operations and ensure that every animal receives the care they deserve. 

 Contributions can be made online or mailed to Niagara SPCA, 2100 Lockport Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14304. 

Niagara SPCA Ambassador Program: A Lifeline for Many 

The Niagara SPCA’s Ambassador Program is a testament to their commitment. This monthly giving program ensures a steady flow of support, crucial for the shelter’s operations. Donors become Ambassadors, joining a special group of individuals dedicated to animal welfare. The impact of these donations is profound: 

  • $10/month: Vaccinations for one animal 
  • $25/month: Food and treats 
  • $50/month: Behavioral training and enrichment 
  • $75/month: Medical care for sick or injured animals 
  • $100/month: Spay/neuter surgeries to control overpopulation 

Planned Giving: A Legacy of Compassion 

The Shelter Angel Planned Giving Program is another impactful initiative. It allows individuals to make a lasting difference through estate planning. By including the Niagara SPCA in their wills, benefactors ensure the continuity of the shelter’s mission and the care of animals in need for years to come. 

Your Contribution Matters 

Lastly, the Niagara SPCA’s mission relies heavily on community support. Private donations are their lifeline, especially as a no-kill shelter. Every contribution, large or small, plays a crucial role in sustaining their efforts and ensuring that every animal receives the love and care they deserve.

A Call to Action 

The William Mattar pet photo contest is more than just a celebration of our furry friends. It’s a call to action for us all to support organizations like the Niagara SPCA. Find an extensive list of additional WNY pet shelters and pet rescues on William Mattar’s Rescue a Shelter Animal page. Let us take a moment to appreciate the unwavering dedication of shelters and consider how we can contribute. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of countless animals in need. 

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