When to Hire a Rochester Car Accident Lawyer

Posted: February 13, 2019

In the wake of being involved in a Rochester car accident, you have many responsibilities to take care of.  You will likely be getting calls from insurance companies. They may try to get you to accept a settlement. This offer could be well short of the compensation you are entitled to. You may not want to handle these types of things on your own. You may want to hire a Rochester accident lawyer to help you handle the situation.

When to Hire Your Rochester Car Accident Lawyer

Your first responsibility to yourself after a Rochester car accident is to get checked out by a medical professional. Your body could be masking small injuries that can later become big problems. You should see a medical expert after your Rochester car accident. Once you have been checked out for injuries, then you should contact an attorney.

Why Hire an Attorney so Quickly?

Insurance companies likely won’t waste any time in contacting the victims of Rochester car accidents. Once you accept a settlement, your case is closed. Generally speaking, not even an attorney can force an insurance company to re-open a closed settlement.

Advice You Need

If you have never been in a Rochester car accident before, then you are probably confused and have no idea what you should do next. A car accident attorney becomes a very important resource for you and can help you to make the right decisions after your accident. Your attorney will stay with you until your claim is finalized and help you through a process that can seem complicated at times.

Our law firm has a team of lawyers who have been helping those with Rochester car accident injuries for many years. We are proud to put our legal team members on your case to be sure that you get the information you need and the most compensation available for your injuries. We will negotiate with the insurance companies for you. Call our car accident attorneys serving Rochester today for your free consultation.

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