What is liability in a NYC car accident?

Posted: August 2, 2018

Being held liable for causing a NYC car accident means you have been found guilty of negligence, recklessness or intentional misconduct. Negligence can mean a driver failed to abide by traffic rules, such as yielding the right of way, running a stop sign or red light or ignoring traffic signs.

Reckless driving can mean a driver has willfully disregarded the safety of pedestrians and other drivers. Reckless drivers causing accidents include those who weave in and out of heavy traffic, drive while drunk or drugged, tailgate or engage in “road rage” driving practices. In other words, reckless driving is deliberate although the driver may not have thought about driving recklessly prior to the accident.

Drivers causing an accident and later charged with intentional misconduct indicates a driver who made a conscious decision to drive recklessly. Attempting to run somebody over or purposefully hitting another car with their own are examples of intentional misconduct involving NYC vehicle accidents.

Liability and Compensation for NYC Car Crashes

New York is a “no fault” state involving personal injury protection (PIP) coverage for anyone injured in an accident, regardless of who is held liable for the accident. Drivers and anybody else insured by PIP coverage can have some limited economic losses paid for by an insurance company.

In some cases, an injured driver may want to bring a personal injury or third party claim against an at-fault driver. To do this, that driver has to qualify under NYS’s serious injury threshold. Qualifying for these serious injuries means you may have the ability to pursue compensation for non-economic damages and pain and suffering.

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