What Can I do If I Was Rear-Ended In Albany?

Posted: February 7, 2019

In good weather and bad, accidents can happen. Accidents can have a profound effect on your life. An accident that seems harmless could, over time, prove to be the source of life-changing injuries. It can be beneficial to be checked over by a medical professional after any accident.

Go To The Emergency Room

Even if you were still able to drive your car home from the accident, if you suspect you were hurt it may be a good idea to go to the emergency room to get checked over. In Albany, the no-fault insurance carrier  is generally responsible for paying accident-related medical bills, lost income, and property repairs. Generally speaking, you should insist that both parties remain until a police report is generated.

Collect All Of Your Information

The emergency room generally provides you with medical records that outline injuries that were found. The moment you are rear-ended in Albany, your adrenaline will likely kick in. Adrenaline can dilute any pain you might feel. If you suspect you were injured, you should get treatment. Once you have completed your emergency room visit and have made a follow-up appointment with your doctor, it’s a good idea to put all of your paperwork (including the police report and emergency room release report) together in a safe place so you do not lose it.

Call A Lawyer

Once you have your medical situation under control, you may want to call a lawyer. An experienced car accident attorney serving Albany can give you the advice you need to make the right call to your insurance company, or an attorney may offer to make the call for you.

We have experience handling motor vehicle accidents for the drivers of Albany. Our hard working car accident lawyers are ready to be the legal team that gets you compensation for you car wreck injuries.

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