Some Causes of accidents at Syracuse Intersections

Posted: August 2, 2018

Some Syracuse drivers disregard traffic laws. This is why many car accidents occur at intersections throughout the city of Syracuse every year. In addition to paying more attention to their cellphones or other digital device than the road in front of them, drivers who cause intersection accidents also tend to engage in some of these reckless driving behaviors:

Running Red Lights and Stop Signs

Whether they think they can “make it” without getting caught by law enforcement or they are not paying attention to traffic signals, drivers running lights and failing to stop are one cause of Syracuse intersection accidents. To help reduce the risk of getting rear-ended or T-boned at an intersection, it sometimes helps to slow down when approaching a busy intersection even if you know you don’t have to stop.

Making Left Turns in Front of Oncoming Traffic

When a driver makes an illegal turn in front of an oncoming vehicle, it can sometimes be due to distracted, drunk/drugged or reckless driving. Since the oncoming car is driving at full speed with the right of, this kind of accident can result in serious injury for both the victim and at-fault driver.

Making Right Turns at Red Lights When It Is Prohibited

Turning right on red where prohibited causes accidents when green “turn only” arrows are involved and drivers are legally turning left.

Injuries suffered by victims of Syracuse intersection injuries can include head trauma, broken bones, severe lacerations and significant blood loss. If you or someone you know is recovering from accident injuries due to another driver’s negligence, call William Mattar today to speak to an experienced Syracuse car accident lawyer who may be able to obtain compensation for your damages.

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