Slippery Roads Can Cause Rochester Car Accidents

Posted: October 7, 2019

car on leavesThere are reasons why a driver might not be able to steer their car to safety, and one factor is slippery roads. If Rochester drivers are aware of what causes roads to become slick, then they may be able to avoid a potential accident.

Black Ice

Black ice can occur when the weather is cold and there is a fine mist falling to the ground. Black ice can also occur when there is a thin layer of water on the road that suddenly freezes. It is called black ice because it is difficult to differentiate from the rest of the black asphalt road. In most cases, black ice is darker than the dry road, which means that Rochester drivers need to pay attention to sudden color changes in the road.


When fall arrives, the leaves in the trees turn beautiful colors and then fall to the ground. There are a lot of trees in Rochester, which means that the roads during fall are usually covered with leaves. Dry and wet leaves create slippery roads for drivers, and this can be especially dangerous at night. When driving in Rochester during the fall, you should treat leaves on the road like a potentially slippery condition.

Accident Debris

It is possible for a Rochester car crash to occur in the same spot where an accident just took place. The debris left on the road such as oil, gas, and fire fighting foam if there was a fire can make the road slippery. If you happen to be driving through an area that was just cleaned from an accident, be sure to take your time and be careful.


Rochester is not only known for the ice that occurs during snowfalls, but it also tends to get very nasty ice storms as well. In an ice storm, the roads can be covered with as much as a half-inch of ice very quickly.

If slippery Rochester roads cause you to become injured in a car accident, we recommend that you call our professional legal team immediately. Our car accident lawyers will give you the advice you need and put together a claim to get the compensation for your injuries.

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