Know Your Rights After a Buffalo Car Accident

Posted: February 20, 2019

Being involved in a Buffalo car accident can be an intimidating situation, especially if it is your first accident. You are not sure what to do, and you are not sure how you are supposed to react. As part of your driving education, you should spend some time understanding your rights. Then, after a Buffalo car accident you could know exactly what to do to protect yourself.

Calling The Police

No matter how much the other party might object, you have the right to request a police report. In most cases, the police will usually agree to send out an officer to take everyone’s information. They will likely try to reconstruct the accident as the officer sees it.

Avoiding The Insurance Company

It is a very smart idea to make your accident claim the moment it happens. The details are still fresh in your mind, and you can give the insurance company good information. However, if the insurance company calls asking you to agree to a settlement, you have the right to deny it.

Filing A Lawsuit

If you feel that your insurance company hasn’t treated you fairly or that you are entitled to pain and suffering from the accident, then you have the right to file a lawsuit. Your lawsuit will be subject to all of the statute of limitations and other laws every other lawsuit is subject to, so you need to be aware of those deadlines to file your lawsuit on time.

Hire An Attorney

At any point in your post-accident process, you have the right to hire an experienced attorney to take care of all of your legal issues for you. An experienced attorney will know how to deal with insurance companies and will be able to file lawsuits on your behalf if the lawyer determines that the lawsuits are necessary.

We can be your devoted Buffalo car accident lawyers. After you have been looked over by emergency medical personnel for injuries, we strongly advise you to contact our office for proper legal advice.

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