Good driving habits in Albany starts with teens

Posted: August 17, 2018

We all know habits are hard to break. That’s why Albany parents should instill good driving habits in their teenagers years before they get their driver’s license. In addition, it’s the best way for parents to avoid spending many sleepless nights waiting for teens to return home safe and sound.

Kids are keenly aware of their parents’ driving practices. They can notice a parent who isn’t putting on his or her seat belt, they hear a parent talking on their cellphone while that parent is driving, and can’t help but watch a parent engage in “road rage” driving. If you have young children, thinking about how you drive could save you from dealing with a teenager’s bad driving habits.

Tell Teenagers You Have Zero Tolerance for Traffic Tickets

Inform your teen that they should obey the rules of the road. Warn them that traffic ticket fines are usually over $100 and must be paid by a certain time.

Reinforce the Importance of Driving Safety Basics

Driving at or slightly below the speed limit, keeping two hands on the wheel, wearing a seat belt and keeping your eyes on the road at all times are some driving safety rules teens. Of course, the most important thing to tell your teen not to do while driving is use their cellphone. In New York State, it is illegal to drive and text. If you are caught, you will be pulled over and issued a citation.

Many parents also limit the number of passengers their teen has in the car while driving. It is easy for teenagers to get distracted by several of their peers who are talking, playing around and texting other friends.

Unfortunately, teens with bad driving habits cause accidents every year in Albany. If you have suffered serious injury due to driver negligence, schedule an appointment with an Albany car accident attorney at William Mattar today. We may be able to obtain adequate compensation to pay for your damages.

It is time to get help. ℠

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