Chain-Reaction Vehicle Accident

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Posted: January 5, 2024

The building block of every chain-reaction pileup is the rear-end collision. A rear-end accident turns into a chain-reaction collision when a vehicle crashing into the back of another propels it into the rear of a third. Or when a car rear-ending another is itself rear-ended.  

This may happen for any one of a number of reasons, including 

  • a driver had to stop suddenly and those behind him couldn’t react fast enough; 
  • winter weather made the road so slick cars skidded into one another; 
  • a driver was texting or reaching for something in the back seat or adjusting the A.C. and didn’t see the car in front of him stop; 
  • someone was driving recklessly or aggressively; 
  • a vehicle had burned-out brake lights or was malfunctioning in some other way; 
  • someone was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol; or 
  • road conditions were poor; or 
  • several factors caused the accident. 

Chain-reaction accidents are unique in that many have more than one cause and, in many cases, more than one at-fault driver.  

Who’s liable? 

Under New York law, a rear-end crash with a stopped or stopping vehicle establishes a case of negligence with regard to the rear. The rear vehicle’s driver must come forward with a non-negligent explanation for the crash – such as where the preceding car stopped abruptly or there are other unusual circumstances that increased the likelihood of a crash.  

In New York State, a driver is expected to always pay attention to the road. If you are following close enough to potentially cause a rear-end crash, you may be considered at fault even if another car rear-ends your vehicle.  

The driver or drivers at fault for a chain reaction accident may be considered negligent.  Drivers that become involved in chain-reaction accidents may be considered negligent if they were following the car in front too closely or engaging in distracted driving that prevented them from taking safe action to avoid a collision. 

If you’ve been injured in one of these accidents and are looking to make a claim for pain and suffering, it is generally a good idea to retain the services of a personal injury lawyer quickly. Many strict time deadlines can arise after a New York motor vehicle crash. A personal injury lawyer can help you investigate the claim, identify all available insurance coverage, and help you obtain maximum compensation for pain and suffering.  

The William Mattar law offices can help you 

William Mattar, P.C.’s  car accident lawyers have experience navigating the complex legal issues that arise after a chain reaction accident. We’ve been successful in protecting our clients’ rights and ensuring that they receive the maximum compensation and can help injured motorists. 

If you’ve been involved in a multi-vehicle accident, give us a call at 844-444-4444 or complete our online form requesting a free case review. 

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